The Road Has Got Me Down - JP Soars* - Full Moon Night In Memphis (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Marcia Ball is no ordinary lady; she really can sing and play the blues! It seems JP Soars is very comfortable with several projects in progress at the same time. This acoustic style of guitar sometimes called 'hot' jazz guitar is a dramatic switch for Soars and his blues group JP Soars and The Red Hots. Along with the two projects in progress with JP Soars and The Red Hots personnel, Soars uses his superb guitar skills to team up with lap steel guitar ace Damon Fowler and keyboard expert Victor Wainwright, to deliver the New Orleans jazz and funk, classic country, gospel, soul, and blues associated with the new group Southern Hospitality.

Greatly influenced by an Irma Thomas show, Ball began doing Thomas tunes with her first bluesbased band which was called Gum. After several years playing in Austin, Texas and several bands later, Ball went solo in Her groove-laden New Orleans boogie, deeply soulful ballads, and rollicking Gulf Coast blues makes her a one-of-a-kind favorite with music fans world wide.

For her release of Roadside Attractions, Ball really focused on her song writing ability creating one of her best and most personal albums, garnering a Grammy nomination along the way. She has continued that momentum with this current release.

Marcia and her band are currently touring from California to Florida and New York. Don't miss a chance to hear some of the best original Texas meets New Orleans flavored music delivered by a true seasoned lady of the blues. Highly recommended for your listening pleasure. Reviewed by Bill Graw. He has combined talents from all these groups to create his own unique Southern blues guitar style and has been compared vocally to the legendary Chester Burnett.

JP opens with the title track "Full Moon Night in Memphis" working his magic on a string cigar box guitar by playing his unique slide guitar, accompanied on harmonica by Memphis blues star Brandon Santini, and driven with a strong, steady beat from the rhythm section.

The band delivers some funk on the next tune "Back To Broke. A deep rock sound with some wah petal makes "Somthin' Ain't Right" the principal bluesrock number on the CD.

Hoover tune "Reefer Man," creating a western-swing jump blues version, stirring in some New Orleans jazz. The band pulls listeners into the Delta swamp with the slow deliberate slide guitar style on the tune "Way Back Home. His slide guitar makes this song, as he equals those guitar riffs of Duane Allman and Jimmy Page on this one. With "Viper," JP paints a syndical picture with his acoustic guitar, warning us of the eminent danger lurking in the shadows.

The horn section adds a shade of New Orleans jazz to The Road Has Got Me Down - JP Soars* - Full Moon Night In Memphis (CD delivery of this tune. Background vocals, country style by Teresa James accompanying JP on a lap steel and Brandon Santini on harmonica, taking us back to those early days.

Soars shifts gears again and creates an extremely fluid flamingo guitar style much like the famous guitarist Paco de Lucia, with the instrumental "Lil' Mamacita. JP Soars explores a wide range of guitar styles and vocal changes to say the least with his latest release, Full Moon Night In Memphis. His immense exposure to such a diverse collection of music has made him one of the most versatile blues artists in the All Day Long - Jimmy Smith - Eighteen Classic Albums (CD). He has honed his craft to perfection in a very short time.

This CD is brimming with some of the tastiest music you could get on one album. Review by Rick Davis. We wish him the best— it is a great CD! November-December Calling All Blues! Eight originals are featured here out of the ten songs presented.

Nice horn and organ work here and the Duke offers a thoughtful guitar solo as he does throughout the album. He played with the tuning, added piano and bass, and does a little slide. Lots of cool percussion also adds to the mystique and textured string flavors.

She can croon with the best of them and Duke just blows everything away with his soulful approach to this cut. What a superb cut and not what you usually expect from the Duke! The covers are all very thoughtfully selected and performed. His tenor tones are perfect and the jump blues are in full force here. Page 9 tracks the vocals with a delay for a very effective sound.

The guitar is sublime yet forceful and the piano strident in this mid tempo boogie. He and Sonny sing as a duet here on this rocking song where Duke lays his Strat over his Airline Twin.

He, as a 65 year old, is proud that his blues can still rock. Miles Davis meets Pink Floyd meets funk. Duke growls this soulful blues while the backline furiously maintains the beat.

Duke noted his voice is gone and after he performed this song he could barely talk for days. The baritone sax is used like a fog horn and the band lays down a sweet groove, leaving nothing behind and closing the album in fine manner. Ruth makes an offer that sounds hard to refuse on this mid-paced rocker with lashings of guitar throughout.

Maybe two. As Duke notes in the liner notes and interviews : his voice is going. He still manages to growl and grit out some cool stuff. The other one is that the album is a little short, under 40 minutes. But those are minor in comparison to the pluses. The songs are really well constructed and thoughtfully arranged. The playing is impeccable.

Ten fine songs with a superb band performed by the master of New England blues- Mr. Duke Robillard! Ruth wrote all the lyrics and all four members of the band are credited with the music.

The CD also comes with a very nicely produced booklet with the lyrics and some vintage photos to accompany the songs, some of which appear to have been provided by family members.

A catchy rocker celebrates Friday night in the local hostelry over a Southern Rock riff. The album opens with the shuffle boogie "Beg, Borrow, Steal," a hot blues tune with Grady pulling out all the stops on harmonica along with the B. B King style guitar style of Taylor Scott. By contrast "Here We Go Ya'll" shifts into the hard driving sound created by the rhythm section. The powerful horn section brings that soulful sound once again on "I Tripped and Fell In Love" with blended vocals from Grady, combined with background vocals from Vick and Sonya Allen.

Right" offers good advice throughout the tune in this light South of the border tune. The new soulful collection Bootleg Whiskey concludes with the ballad "White Boy With The Blues" with a gospel chorus backing Grady as he sings the sad tale. Bootleg Whiskey and Grady Champion capture the roots music of the South and all the rich music it offered over time.

This is truly some of Grady's Album) work to date. According to Strom, his music could best be described as "blues. His debut album opens with two originals, the first titled "The Tony Pepperoni - Streaplers - Tony Pepperoni / Mendocino (Vinyl) Lumberjack.

As the song progresses, it changes leads from a Grant Green jazz guitar style to a fiery rock style embellished with a wah petal. The second original instrumental tune "Ashkenazi Blues" is a bit more dramatic, making a perfect soundtrack theme for a movie blockbuster. His rendition leans more towards a jazz version like Fenton Robinson's and David Bromberg's, rather than the stronger blues versions of Gary Moore's and Jeff Healey's.

The original instrumental "Somewhere In The Middle of Forever" is woven into Motorhome - Spidkilz - Balance Of Terror (CD) original poem written by McCallum and reminds me of the guitar style of Richie Havens in the 60s.

The final number on Strom McCallum, "Thirty-Nine Miles from Mobile," is an early Charlie Daniels tune, which completes his debut album with some Southern rock stamped with his own signature. Strom McCallum breaks from both traditional style blues as well as the ever popular contemporary blues rock with stronger elements of jazz.

This is just a sample of Strom's own brand of music and we can only imagine where his future direction will take him. It also features a host of Chicago legends in support: Bob Stroger is on bass, Eddie Turner is on drums, Sam Burkhardt is on tenor sax, Sunnyland Slim is on piano three cutsFred Grady is on drims same three cutsand Harlan Terson is on bass for seven tracks among others.

Tracks 1 to 10 are the original Razor Records album. The unreleased tracks have Ron Sorin doing stratospheric harp work with huge guitar and keys by Freund and Saydak. Gloria was in fine voice for the Otis Rush and Brook Bentonb tunes. The Saydak 45 cut have Ken on vocals on the first side with some great piano and sax work. The vocals offer some humor as Saydak is known for. Bob Levis appears on guitar here, too— nicely done!

The final cut takes the old folk song on solo piano for an intro and then erupts into a huge solo instrumental boogie. Saydak is a master of the keys as he demonstrates here.

The ten cuts from the original record are a fine assortment of cover tunes that feature the vocal prowess of Hartman and the impeccable guitar of Freund. Freund comes in for the massive guitar solo and shows us his stuff as Saydak tinkles the keys behind him.

I was sold on this album before the song completed. Sunnyland Slim also superbly backs him on keys. Both are superb and offer the CD collector something previously not available.

The answer is a recording that lives up to its title, Eclectic, Album), featuring the Texas legend Eric Johnson along with Mike Stern, whose jazz credentials include tenure with Miles Davis and David Sanborn. Johnson and Fever (Batuca Mix) - Various - Romantic Hits 3 (Cassette) ably demonstrate their understanding of the blues while adding some exciting, fresh variations that leave listeners wanting more.

Firing off licks with quicksilver intensity, the guitarists challenge your ears and mind to keep pace with their amazing forays. The bass player lays down a rumbling pattern that creates a deep, menacing landscape while Johnson and Stern use their effects pedals to create swirls of sonic textures.

Stern takes the first verse, his vocal debut. Johnson sings the second verse with a lighter tone, with guest Guy Forsyth adding some accents on the harmonica. Each guitarist gets a solo; both wrench biting licks from their instruments. Thankfully, both keep things on a slow-boil, ignoring the temptation to allow their playing to venture over the top, as so many The Road Has Got Me Down - JP Soars* - Full Moon Night In Memphis (CD guitarists have done on the song.

While there is blues content, it is only one of the elements Johnson and Sterns utilize. For more adventurous listeners — and certainly anyone who has a deep appreciation for spellbinding guitar playing — these guitarists leave you wanting more even after more than 70 minutes of playing time. Definitely worth a listen! Inshe released Tempered in Fire, and received much acclaim. Lisa returned to the studio and reconstructed those tracks and brought them back as this CD. The CD. She brings blue-eyed soul musical influence to this CD.

It reminds me of some early Susan Tedeschi. It is another ballad, which showcases her vocals. It is an acoustic ballad with guitar, bass and fiddle. It gets a trace of Cajun, with a soulful delivery. It gets an island feel, and picks up the pace with a toe tapping rhythm. It is soulful, with a nice groove to it. Corky Hughes plays some Someday - Naomi Sommers - Hypnotized (CD, Album) old time bottleneck resonator on this cut.

Overall a very bluesy song that is very good. It is a pretty song with a folk-rock feel to it. It has a easy going feel to it with an island bass line. It reminds me a bit of early Rickie Lee Jones. We get banjo, military rat tat tat drumming, strong vocals, and a fair bit of emotions.

Lively on drums and Pat Murphy on banjo do a fine job, Album) does Lisa Mills on vocals. Lisa and the band really worked this one over to a style that fits the rest of the CD.

Her acoustic guitar intertwines with Corky Hughes on slide guitar. Lisa will be out there touring and promoting this disc. When she passes thru your area, go see her. The voice is worth a listen! Reviewed by Mark Nelson. Overall a fine CD, as it contains solid band support and fine lyrics. On his website, all the gigs are in southern California. Check him out as you can. Everyone listen and enjoy this CD. Jeff Dale is picking up his blues pace.

Jeff grew up on the south side of Chicago. Good Music is his 3rd release in 5 years. This comes after a hiatus for about 20 years. All songs on this CD are originals. It is a well paced blues number. It is a touching song and a tribute to Mr. Dane Little provides the cello on this deep, dark ballad, and it works well.

It is about sexting. Certainly that is a new blues topic. The band plays well together on this one. While listening, pay close attention to the lyrics on this one. Glen Doll provides so stinging harp work on this mid tempo song.

The band finds a great groove and slides through it all through the song. This is a fine original song. I bet this is a pleaser in his live show. She has released well over 30 recordings in her long career. Gary Davis and The Rhythm Fred Hurt.

She wears her influences on her sleeve, and they are fine ones. For just shy of 40 years, she has been a key acoustic blues player. She brings the older blues to new audiences. Rory wrote 1 one song, and the rest are from Skip James for this CD. The CD opens with her own composition that is a tribute to Skip James. The song has some fine playing and tells the tale of Skip James and his life. It was on the great Today! Rory has a bit faster pace than the original, and it shines with her guitar work.

This rendition is very smooth, with some fine guitar picking. It is a deep blues song about love weighing on your mind.

The song has a great call and response feel to it. It would be a fine go to church song. It has been covered by many blues artists. Rory keeps the haunting feel to this dark blues song. Cream and Eric Clapton did a famous version. Van Halen and Iggy Pop did it too. She carries her vocals well on this Everybody Get Up. It is a solid tune on Ojodoro - Vol.

1 (Live At ContrAria) (Cassette) CD. It is another early Skip James tune. It is Stranger - School Of Violence - We The People.? (Vinyl, LP, Album) well done CD. It could have included a few more songs…10 is a bit short. Enjoy this one, and check out Skip James originals too. Is a great place to start. If you like rocking or electric Chicago May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You - Bob Watters - Contemporary Organ (Vinyl, LP, Album) this is not your cup of tea.

It is a great look and tribute to history. I wonder who Ragnarok - Blitzkrieg (5) - Absolutely Live (Vinyl, LP, Album) be next?? From debut to three hit albums in just about three years is amazing.

Her keyboard player offered up another and add in thoughtfully selected covers and we have a smoking hot album! Sena growls her way through this jumping hot tune as the band provides a super backdrop for a great opening cut. November-December blues with a driving beat with Allen and McCabe leading the cause make for a cool and interesting hook. She nails it. Allen does another great solo and they rock on together for another nice cut.

He holds his own vocally with Sena and both deliver a superb performance. Sena then comes in and sings the blues for us sweetly. The album is a good one.

Her vocals are strong and she is confident in her approach. I enjoyed listening to this one! He remains solidly cemented in his in your face style of deep Chicago Blues despite spending most of. Page 13 his time out west. A big and driving harp sound, fine vocals and an outstanding band and guest artists make for a truly fun CD. Chris James and Patrick Rynn join him again on guitar and bass and Willie Hayes is the drummer on all but three cuts. Avid Maxwell add his piano on seven tracks and Henry Gray is on another.

Eddie Shaw stops with his sax in for a couple of tracks and John Primer brings his guitar for two more. A half dozen other artists also play or sing with Rob and it all sound good! He blows some mean stuff to set the stage here! The jumpy second track has some straight harp and a nice dance beat. The originals follow. James, Rynn and Stone share credit for these three and the other three songs they penned. Maxwell also does a fine job on the ivories.

Stone come in with a strong performance on this instrumental. Ariyo appears for this cut on piano and does a great job as does James in support, but this is all Stone here. His harp and vocals are awesome again as he closes the set. I remain impressed with him and by adding James and Rynn and these other great musicians make this a no-brainer.

Go buy this and enjoy it! Lester Lands is on bass, rhythm guitar and vocals, Albert Trepagnier on drums, and Tadg Galleran on keys round out this group and Bobby Hurricane Spencer is musical director for this effort. They formed this band and after opening for BB King in Monterrey they wrote and put together this album. It is nowthe band is two years older and they have put together a really good CD here!

The guitar leads sting and Lee is a great front man. The title track has 14 year old Goren on lead vocal and he does s super job. He also takes the guitar lead and does a very interesting job there, too. Blistering, edgy stuff. Did I say 14 years old?

Goren must have listened; this is a cool slow blues cut delivered by the 80 year old Powell. The horns are tight and well arranged and the guitar solo is beautifully done. He growls out the lead vocals and tells a poignant story. Goren doing it to this cover. I thoroughly enjoyed this CD and think you will, too! Goins is a professor of music and director of jazz at Kansas State University. He previously produced books on Pat Metheny and Charlie Christian, here he gets to delve into the world of his own roots.

Living only seven blocks from Rogers, he was well versed in his music on Chess Records without even knowing it was Jimmy Rogers playing along with Muddy Waters and making him sound even better.

Jimmy Rogers life often had him in a position of being second fiddle and not wanting to take away from anyone else. He worked to make the music sound better. We see a man who was flexible, jovial, patient, intense and driven to making soulfully great music. He began to record on his own and helped many an artist achieve success as Muddy had done with both he and Little Walter.

The strife with Leonard Chess on musical content is quite the interesting read as are all the glorious details that Goins has dug up for us.

Kim Wilson adds an introduction from his experience with Rogers from the early days at Antones and beyond. The story of this simple, smiling and passionate man will capture your attention and make you feel as if you were part of the story. I highly recommend this book for your information, pleasure and enjoyment! But the allure of singing was too strong, so Markey found her way to Nashville. Signed to a country label, she soon found that her strong voice was a better fit for blues and soul.

A chance meeting at a gig introduced her to guitarist Rick Latina. In short order, the duo discovered they shared similar musical tastes that made it easy for them to collaborate on writing exciting new material tailored for the new band they envisioned putting together. Latina is the one musical constant on a disc that features six different bass guitarists, four keyboard players and drummers plus a total of eight different horn players.

Despite the rotating cast, the musical The Road Has Got Me Down - JP Soars* - Full Moon Night In Memphis (CD remains consistently high throughout the project. Jeanette Markey understands how to breathe life into the story line of each song and has an expressive voice that is up to the task. There is plenty to enjoy on this strut down the soul side of the Blues Avenue, making it well-worth a listen! Markey has plenty to say about the changing nature of relationships.

So, how to get the authentic vocals to go with this stellar band? Classic material, great horn arrangements, fine singing — what is there not to like? Despite there being no original material this CD it is well worth investigating if horn driven, big band blues is your interest and comes highly recommended by this reviewer. He entered the Blues Hall Of Fame in His work with Bo Diddley and solo is part of history.

He is a writer and a performer. He is known most for his harp work, but he can play a pretty good guitar and sing too. Come gather and lay life's burdens down here at the table, at the table where love and peace abound. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Bring your hunger, bring your wonder, bring your thirsting heart. Bring your troubles, bring your struggles, bring all that you are. Bring your sadness, bring your madness, bring your silent shame. Bring your sighing, bring your crying, bring all of your pain.

Bring your yearning, bring your turning, bring your deepest needs. Bring your doubting, bring your shouting, bring all to be freed. There is room for you. There is love for you. Weary father rest your head. There is peace for you. Worn out mother rest your tears. There is hope for you. Wounded sinner rest your soul. There is grace for you. Share my body and my blood.

There is life for you. Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna in the highest. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest. We are woven by the story and in turn we weave it more.

We are working with each other to see our tapestry made whole. Heaven and earth are full of you. Blessed is the one who comes in your name. We lift our prayer to you.

Can we move beyond the fear? With love we are able to welcome ev'rybody here. We're Dakota, Hmong, Guatemalan. We're from Moscow, Im The Boss, Mogadishu.

We are children formed by tradition who are walking, living, breathing in the new. We are straight, we are queer, we're beloved. We are Muslim, we are Christian, we are Jew. We bring courage, wisdom and friendship to a world in need of shelter, health and food. How Long? How long will you hide your face from me? How long? When will swords become that which plows the land? When will all as one together stand? When will justice flow like a river running wide?

We long for you to come and sit and be close by our side Chorus. Used by Permssion. I believe in a love that lives on and on even when we die. I believe in a love that reaches out, embracing all our pain and doubt. I believe in a love that is felt in the touch of a helping hand. I believe in a love that sees differences and seeks to understand. I believe in a love that has no bounds, no class or race to hold it down.

I believe in a love that is here at the heart of a mystery. I believe in a love that forgives, forgets, heals and sets us free. I believe in a love that loses self for the sake of life for someone else. Tune traditional S. My help comes from our God who made heav'n and earth.

In the scorching sands of dessert there's promise of shade. In your deepest night a still small voice says don't be afraid. In your going and your coming a Guardian is near. In the face of death the open arms of love appear. Author of life, my very breath, you are my living song. Sing for love, my soul. O my soul, sing for love. I will sing to you Healer of life, sing to you on and on. Healer of life, my very breath, you are my living song.

I will sing to you Weaver of life, sing to you on and on. Weaver of life, my very breath, you are my living song. If I believe in Jesus do I need to follow him? With Chorus. Far from home and country with his family, was there room and welcome for this refugee?

Jesus was a migrant living as a guest with the friends and strangers who could offer rest. Do we hold wealth lightly Hypnotized that we can share shelter with the homeless, and abundant care? We're building spirit together. With all people we can grow. God's abundance all can know. No one's high and no one's low.

The Land is God's own property. Justice ends our fears and wars. Ploughs are hammered from our swords. Vine and fig tree at each door. Our hope is that congregations connected with Bread for the World would use this song free of copyright charge. Lord, have mercy. Christe eleison. Christ, have mercy Kyrie Christe Eleison. Have mercy upon us. As you hoard your wealth the poor from whom you steal wail in the street. Your worship comes as empty noise clanging in my ears.

What good, to me, your fancy feasts? Dry your brothers' tears. The voice of God cries out to us, you have so much to give. Seek good and flee from evil. How else can you live? Filled with questions, wanting to live free. A checkered past wanting to come clean. Long life lived, still children in God's care. Let your love roll on, love roll on, like rivers of healing, rivers of hope for the world. In the darkness, in the light, in the wonder of this life.

Let's go out into the world and tell ev'ry one the Savior lives. Let's go out! When I can't see clearly, the Lord is my defense. When my friends don't understand, the Lord is my defense. When fear weakens my hand, the Lord is my defense. Here no harm can come to me, the Lord is my defense.

When somebody slanders me, the Lord is my defense. When a mem'ry hinders me, the Lord is my defense. When I cannot hide my heart, the Lord is my defense. When the condemnation starts, the Lord is my defense. God's the source of life. Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our sins as we forgive.

Creator of all life, Maker of the Light -- deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, and the power, and the glory are yours. Creator of all life, Maker of the Light -- Amen.

Can I trust and believe? If someone should wonder, "Is God still alive? If someone should wonder, "Does God really care? Oh mercy. I call out to you each night and day.

You don't answer anything I say. It was you who brought me here at birth. Now where are you on this troubled earth? My strength is gone like water on the ground. My bones cry for flesh that can't be found.

My throat is dry. My tongue sticks to my mouth. I am dying, there is no way out. I am helpless before my enemies.

Come now quickly, come and rescue me. Celebrate the difference! Guests are coming, there are meals to make. Gifts to wrap and things to bake. Are you ready? Time is drawing near. Lines are long, no time to wait. Go on now and don't be late. Do you think you'll find the message here? May that love be born in us each day. One earth we walk on. One heart beats like a drum keeps us moving forward together. Earth spins, 'round through the cosmos, a small speck, where we're from.

Our choices reach through the years for seven generations to come. Life blood pulses within us, it's moving through each heart. One Spirit, one Savior, one Maker for them all. One Spirit of the earth surrounds us. One Savior with his arms around us. One maker with a promise for them all. She is robed in majesty. Our God is robed in majesty. Our God reigns!

God is robed in majesty. Our God is robed in majesty and disarms with strength. We see God in faces of the suffering. We see God in faces of the poor. When we join hands, we are one family, family.

There is a struggle now in many lands. There are wrongs we seek to turn around. Our God on high seeks justice, justice. Where could I hide? Where could I go? Celebrate what God has done! Rejoice and celebrate, we are one! Keep us safe from harm.

Hold us close. Lead us home. Shepherd us oh Lord. Though we walk in shadowed valleys, we will not be held by fear. You prepare a wondrous table, fill our cups to overflow. With your goodness and your mercy here forevermore. Into harmony all life came to be. A song was sung into the silence. In the dark there was the song. It began for all to sing. It's melody was love it rang out clear above; it rang through fear, into the empty.

Lead us to the manger where love, the song is born; and through the deepest night, we'll join with the light to shine with your eternal presence.

Show us the faces of all of those in need. Let your Spirit plant the seed. With gifts we've been given, help us see where we fit in. Keep your Spirit stirred within. Take up your cross. Take up your cross and follow me, and follow me. Reprinted by Permission from Called To Freedom. We stand on hills like trees in awe of all that we see. Your hand unites us and gives us to the land. The truest you behind the mask is a glorious gift. Break through, Love is here and lives in you. The voice of life whispers ev'ryday.

I can no longer live for only me. Something from tomorrow is in us at the start. Way down deep we know something carries on. Way down deep we know something lives on when we're gone. Something is eternal in ev'ry human face. Something will be always in ev'ry time and place. We are a chosen people of God. We're a part of it all, chosen and called. Look around you and see the blessings given us.

Earth, sky and sea, they're all placed in our trust. Look around you and see not all is going right. In this mystery we're called to be a light. We are all connected by the love we need. We are all connected by our hopes and fears. We are all connected by our smiles and tears. Chorus: We're gonna do a little dance. We're gonna clap our hands. Clap, Clap, Clap And raise our voices high. We're gonna do a little dance. We're gonna stomp our feet.

Stomp, Stomp, Stomp And celebrate this life. Celebrate life! We are all connected by the wind and rain. We are all connected by our joy and pain.

We are all connected by the sun and moon. We are all connected in everything we do. Glory, Gloria! Glory, Glory, Glory Hallelujah! We are gathered here to sing God's praise. All Right Reserved. We can make a difference, it's up to me and you. Children of the light, the Spirit shows us how.

We can make a difference now. We can make a difference. We have seen the Messiah, here for all the world. We join with the earth and with each other.

JP Soars Florida - United States. Track this Artist/Band. Band Images. Band Details. change album image: Full Moon Night in Memphis. Label: Soars High. Genres: Blues The Road Has Got Me Down: . Florida's online guide to live jazz and blues in clubs, concerts and festivals. This monthly publication features previews of artists performing in Florida in October so you can make the BEST. Jun 04,  · Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Full Moon Night in Memphis · JP Soars Full Moon Night In Memphis ℗ JP Soars Released on: Auto-generated by YouT. Soars recently released his third studio CD, Full Moon Night in Memphis (Soars High Productions), with his band the Red Hots. The guitarist’s musical influences range from blues to jazz to metal, and you get a little taste of all of them on the 14 tracks presented here. Check out Full Moon Night In Memphis by Jp Soars on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on asperlifidesgrhym.imlebubooktitelcealevestfritorgot.infoinfo Buy CD + free MP3 album $ The Road has Got Me Down. The Road has Got Me Down. Listen Now $ In /5(6). Dakota Road Lyrics & Melody Lines. Dakota Road Music song lyrics are listed below in alphabetical order. Feel free to copy and paste any or all to your computer. Praise to you O God most high, from sister moon and stars of night. We've got to tear down the walls. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Digipak CD release of Full Moon Night In Memphis on Discogs/5(3). Full moon turn my head around and around I should have listened to the almanac it said that I should stay in bed When the moon is full a boy like me can definitely lose his head What I said Full moon turn my head around and around Full moon turn my head around and around Turn around, really want to turn your head around Turn turn around Full. JP Soars and The Red Hots will continue to capture blues and jazz fans around the world with their latest release Full Moon Night In Memphis, with 12 newly written tunes to accompany the two. Artist: JP Soars Title Of Album: Full Moon Night In Memphis Release Date: Location: USA Label: JP Soars Genre: Blues Quality: FLAC | lossless (image+cue+Log) Length: Tracks: 14 Total Size: MB WebSite: Home Page Tracklist: Full Moon Night In Memphis - Back To Broke - Makes No Sense -


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    Dakota Road Lyrics & Melody Lines. Dakota Road Music song lyrics are listed below in alphabetical order. Feel free to copy and paste any or all to your computer. Praise to you O God most high, from sister moon and stars of night. We've got to tear down the walls.
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    Hard work has paid off for Soars, whose IBC win in Memphis kicked down doors and provided the imagery for the title track to his new album. “Right before going on at the finals, we were the last band,” he says. “I remember standing outside the Orpheum Theater and looking up at the full frickin’ moon, and I was like, ‘All right.
  4. The Road has Got Me Down is an old-fashioned country number, a duet with Teresa James, with Soars on lap steel and some lovely harmonica from Brandon Santini. We even get some Latin flavour thrown in for good measure on the instrumental Lil’ Mamacita, complete with fast and furious Spanish guitar work.
  5. Jun 04,  · Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Full Moon Night in Memphis · JP Soars Full Moon Night In Memphis ℗ JP Soars Released on: Auto-generated by YouT.
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    Artist: JP Soars Title Of Album: Full Moon Night In Memphis Release Date: Location: USA Label: JP Soars Genre: Blues Quality: FLAC | lossless (image+cue+Log) Length: Tracks: 14 Total Size: MB WebSite: Home Page Tracklist: Full Moon Night In Memphis - Back To Broke - Makes No Sense -
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    Find album release information for Full Moon In Memphis - J.P. Soars on AllMusic.
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    Moon Over Memphis Lyrics: There's a moon over Memphis looking down on what I've done / There's a moon over Memphis looking down on what I've done / It's shining through the smoke from the barrel.

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