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This ceremony is to honor all Clallam County Veterans who have died in the previous month. On Friday, April 24, the following names of deceased Veterans from March will be read:.

Medical Center in Seattle, said the baby was in critical condition Friday. The shooting took place at an intersection near an apartment complex. Linda Johnston, who lives nearby, ran outside after she heard gunshots, LP). Anthony P. Mills Charles D. Saturday, May 2.

Blake Ave. A classroom-style presentation will allow time for questions, followed by a beach walk to see beach and. Vance Frederick Bingham, D. Final cost estimates on the new structure are expected April 30, with construction bids to be (Hey You) Whats That Sound?

(LRD Remix) - Les Rythmes Digitales - Darkdancer (CDr, Album) May 19 and bids opened and contracts awarded June Work will start in July, with completion expected in August The hospital also will buy alley space through the site.

Workshop topics include coastal and beach processes, how to manage beach and bluff erosion, alternatives to hard shoreline armoring, benefits of bulkhead removal or reduction and native vegetation for slope stability and habitat.

Workshop attendees can apply for free technical site visits and receive management recommendations by private consultants for specific properties. Hard armoring is an erosion-control technique that uses hardened structures to stabilize the landward area of a shoreline. Examples are bulkheads, concrete sea walls, riprap, jetties, groins, breakwaters and stone reinforcement. Those unable to attend the workshop can learn more about site visits and technical support services by contacting Lisa Kaufman at kaufman nwstraits.

The meeting will begin at 10 a. Fourth St. Monday for their weekly work session. Discussion items include a briefing on the proposed expansion of the Feiro Marine Life Center on the Port Angeles City Pier and a recently approved sales tax reduction. The meeting will begin at 6 p. Fifth St. This phase of the waterfront project west of Railroad Avenue and Oak Street would be completed within 75 working days.

Funding is from the capital facilities budget, grants and council-allocated economic development funds. The council also will consider passing a resolution allowing Councilwoman Cherie Kidd to seek grant funding for suicide-prevention barriers for the Eighth Street bridges. They will consider approving a collective bar. Center, W. Ninth St. Fairchild International Airport and recommend to Clallam County commissioners whether to grant the request.

Members of the Clallam Clallam Transit County Board of Health will discuss the Making Me Fall (Planet Nord Mix) measles The Clallam Transit outbreak and lessons board will consider approv- learned from it when they ing the purchase of three meet Tuesday.

System building at W. Other agenda items Lauridsen Blvd. Clallam PUD Clallam County Public Utility District commissioners will consider establishing compensation for the treasurer controller and amending the paid-time-off policy for the general manager when they meet in Sequim on Monday.

The meeting will begin at p. Sequim Ave. Additional updates are scheduled for oil spill response training and a marine debris coastal cleanup in Clallam Bay and Sekiu. Thursday in Room of the Lincoln. Sequim schools The Sequim School Board will discuss a potential future bond measure question and go over interview questions for superintendent candidates when they meet Monday.

They will meet at 6 p. There are still details to may inspiration come from complete, he said. The grand opening of the brick, wood and cement shingles made to look like arts center followed the traditional RainFest Umbrella wood. The center will be open today with several community events. Dozens of quilts and vendors selling materials for making quilts will be available from noon to 4 p.

Entry to the quilt show is free; donations are accepted. An open-mic talent show sponsored by the Rainforest Council for the Arts will be held from 4 p. Registration for the talent show will start at p. The award will be made to a graduate who has consistently exemplified the personal characteristics as practiced by Andy Palmer during his life and his efforts at encouraging a culture of kindness. The recipient will be selected through a letter of nomination process.

The letters should not only specify the characteristics that make the candidate deserving of the award but also cite specific examples of how the student has consistently demonstrated an effort to create and support a culture of kindness, loyaltyintegrity and humility at school and in the community.

Any non-related individual such as school faculty or support staff member, employer, scoutmaster, neighbor, or other community person may submit a nomination.

The Recipient must be planning to enroll in a post high school education or training program. The group will meet from 9 a. Peabody St. The business at U. Highway will offer a flute music concert, rehabilitated birds of prey and rescued songbirds and a variety of booths during the 10th annual festival.

Other groups also will have booths in the garden at the business. In March, the governor Bellon said in a conference suffer as the state gets crops such as fruit trees and 20 piles of brush in a 0. Smoke may be visible, ts n e particularly from Mount s e Pr Zion, but no smoke impacts are anticipated. No closures TM are anticipated. Cedar St. Friday, org. Visitors are invited to bring lawn chairs or blankets for the day. Donations will be accepted for the animal rescue centers.

They seek such things as aquariums, dog and cat food, small animal-watering bottles, baby bottles to feed the baby deer, powdered goat milk, alfalfa, chainlink fencing, paper towels, Kleenex, potty pads human or puppylaundry baskets, heating pads, small dishes like crocks or ashtrays, Exact Baby Bird food, mealworms, towels, new or gently used wool blankets, vet wrap, clothes pins, bleach, Dawn dish soap, hair dryers, play pens and an enclosed trailer for the release of wildlife as well as financial donations.

For more information, call or see www. Please join Peninsula Behavioral Health alth th at our w income ncome residents of Annual Dinner to raise funds for low ho need our services Clallam County who. May 1. Members of the Sequim City Council and city staff will be on hand to answer questions as visitors tour the new facility. Members of the community will get a tour through the new police station and council chambers and learn where to access city services when the building opens for business May 18, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Saturday, June 13, the city will dedicate the building in a ceremony on the community plaza in front of the civic center. The artwork represents a mix of photography, paintings, textile arts, wood sculpture and ceramics. The exhibit will be on display through the end of the year. Admission is free to the gathering at p. Friday, though listeners and writers may want to arrive at around 6 p. Poets and prose writers are encouraged to sign up for five-minute slots.

For more details about the monthly Fourth Friday Reading series, contact organizer Ruth Marcus at or rmarcus olypen. Peninsula Daily News. Lincoln St. Richards also will demonstrate several models Richards of drones in real time and on live video during the luncheon. The meeting sponsor will be the Northwest Maritime Center.

The entree is taco tiki chicken. The group will meet this Monday at p. Michael Yesunas, discussing the ammunition depot and economic and ecological impacts on the local area. Fairchild International Airport in Port Angeles. The port hopes to use the building as a composites recycling center.

Fairchild International Airport. The port had just received Gov. A hearing on that grant is scheduled for Thursday by the Opportunity Fund Advisory Board, which then will recommend whether county commissioners should allocate the money. Related enterprises would employ people by its sixth year, she said. States said the port would need to subsidize the center for its first two years but did not give an estimate of the cost before its operational revenue would make it self-sustaining.

The journey was a success, she said. Commission has been asked to Clallam Transit System conferSafety workshop consider the question of whether ence room, W.

Industries office, E. But unsolicited phone calls remain a top consumer complaint. Pieter government study shows. A physical is a good next child is full-term and The outbreak sickened time for patients to check healthy.

There were no effects, Cohen said. Prevention found that deaths. Bocanegra, a reproductive over. She was not outbreak is over in the U. NEW YORK — People younger than 25 are more than four times as likely as older people to use a cellphone while driving, a new study reports, and a driver talking on a phone is about 63 percent more likely to be Pure Reality woman than a man.

Researchers in Texas estimated driver age and recorded driver and passenger characteristics and cellphone use for 1, drivers as they stopped at busy intersections near medical centers in Houston, Dallas. The study, in Preventive Medicine Reports, gathered data from to During that time, the percentage of drivers talking on the phone decreased, to But texting increased, to 8. Lone drivers Lone drivers were more than four times as likely to be talking on the phone as drivers carrying passen.

Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti captured the Dragon capsule, which arrived three days after its Florida launch, with the help of a giant robot arm. The cargo carrier holds more than 4, pounds of much-needed groceries. The espresso machine is three months late because. Much later and the espresso machine would have missed Cristoforetti, who returns home next month. The Dragon will remain at the orbiting lab until around May 21, when it will be released full of experiments and discarded equipment for return to Earth.

Wolfley, 31, recently passed the Washington State Bar. An agreement announced Thursday extends a search partnership that Yahoo Inc. Current Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer had the option of terminating the relationship under a clause triggered earlier this year.

In return, Yahoo will receive most of the revenue from the ads posted alongside the search results on its sites. Verizon said Friday that it would let customers pick groups of channels that interest them, a plan that is separate from the traditional bundle that has been offered to customers for years. The penchant for pickand-choose online video is reshaping pay-TV. Apple is reportedly working on its own version, too.

That the aeronautics giant has a comes with more than assembly plant, were channels. The Bureau of Land Management issued a notice seeking public comment on whether regulations are needed to give the government more flexibility in setting its fees.

Government auditors have consistently questioned whether the Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said the current regulations have failed to keep pace with technological advances and market conditions.

The Government Accountability Office has recommended that BLM through the rule-making process be allowed to raise or lower onshore royalty rates as necessary. Are you starting a new business? The Peninsula Daily News is happy to mention news of your business in our daily Business Briefly column. Photos are always welcome. Please note: We cannot publish items by private businesses soliciting business — e. These need to be addressed as paid advertisements. For questions, or to get a Business Briefly form faxed or mailed to you, please call weekdays.

This workshop will cover what the state requirements are for conducting safety meetings, along with the purpose, goals and functions of a safety committee. To register, phone or visit www. Only six more such facilities are in operation around the world, according to JEC Composites. It stands next to an identical building that is occupied by Angeles Composite Technologies Inc. Although the center would produce rolls and sheets of carbon-fiber composite material, the recycled product could not be used by ACTI or other aerospace manufacturers for structural components, but it could be made into interior parts.

This is part of our countywide economic initiative. The port will post a one-page summary of its goals and targets to its website, www. Eleanor Blum, 88, solves crossword puzzles with her dog, Cutie, at her kitchen home in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Still, regulators and phone companies say they remain stumped on how to fix the problem for good. The FTC was able to trace the calls back to multiple people inside the U. The problem has gotten so bad nationwide that the FTC in began offering cash prizes for technical solutions. Among the winners is Nomorobo, which hangs up on robocallers for you.

Consumers groups say that the emergence of Nomorobo and other antirobocalling technologies suggest the phone companies have the technical abil. At issue is whether phone companies can do more to protect consumers from fraudulent calls. Here are five things to know about robocalls:.

Engaging the call in any way will just lead to more calls. Robocalls to your landline are only allowed from political campaigns, charities, debt collectors, survey takers and information services such as your pharmacy or school.

So if you get a robocall selling a product or claiming that a product has been purchased for you, hang up immediately. Scammers like to pre2 tend they are conducting a survey or representing a charity before connecting you with a live operator who will try to sell you something.

Some also pretend to be from the IRS or Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, rambling off fake badge numbers and trying to scare people into thinking they will be audited or deported unless they pay a fee or divulge banking information. Enter the National Association of Attorneys General. The group of state law. You can ask your phone company to block a particular number.

But by the time you do that, the same scammers will probably move on to a different number. Your own phone number can even appear on the caller ID, whereas the call might be coming from overseas. The Associated Press. After 20 years a vacancy is opening at Armory Square Professional Center. Department of Vocational Rehabilitation is joining the DHSH mothership across the street, opening a great office space. Our green tea has a sort of greenish taste.

Our Ceylon tea is not from Ceylon. Coffee is best if it comes from a warm climate but tea is best when it comes from a warm teapot. They say that good tea is found on the mountains of China and India.

Tea leaves can be used to make tea and Ti leaves can be used to wrap food. We provide teas for our customers but we rarely tease them. Yet desire may survive long after names In the days before being placed in a and faces are forgotten. Physical intimacy nursing home in Garner, Iowa, last year, can benefit dementia patients, experts say, Mrs. Why would we week in an Iowa courtroom: want to diminish that?

Rayhons able to consent to Several experts described intimacy as sex with her husband? There is no allegation that Mrs. Raythe center, and Dr. John Boedeker, Mrs. But Dornbier acknowledged that Mrs.

Dornbier testified that the Concord room that night. Rayhons was moved to another threaten or make other patients uncomwork professor at Staffordshire University for Mrs. Rayhons, including limiting outings with Rayhons mostly to church on facility run by the same company, which fortable, such as patients masturbating in in England who has studied sex and Sunday.

Her daughter public rooms. Experts say adult children whose parconcerns from Mrs. John Brady, working. Henry Rayhons may testify this week. That evening, her roomfluctuate. Patients may be relatively lucid and evening, sometimes praying the rosary bly hurtful. Later, a security camera recorded Raymay not be appropriate the next week, or.

I really like to watch the Seahawks. We do rent movies and watch them, though. I like the things they cover in this world.

I also especially like award shows. I like what they say. I like the old movies, as most of the newer stuff is too racy for me. But I root for the Packers when they play Seattle. Many of the musical shows they have are excellent. I like Rick Steves, too. I think it makes you stupid. It resonates for me because I was a nurse.

Sims Way. Please — send us only one letter or column per month. Letters and guest columns published become the property of Peninsula Daily News, and it reserves the right to reject, condense or edit for clarity or when information stated as fact cannot be substantiated.

Letters published in other newspapers, anonymous letters, personal attacks, letters advocating boycotts, letters to other people, mass mailings and commercial appeals are not published.

Include your name, street address and — for verification purposes — day and evening telephone numbers. Email to letters peninsuladailynews. Your heart leaps. You caress, murmuring sweet nothings. And as those big browns remain fixed on you, the tail wags. Devoted dog. Besotted owner. Japanese researchers found that dogs who trained a long gaze on their owners had elevated levels of oxytocin, a hormone produced in the brain that is associated with nurturing and attachment, similar to the feel-good feedback that bolsters bonding between parent and child.

They suggest that dogs became domesticated in part by adapting to a pri. The researchers also tested wolves raised by humans to see whether a wolf-to-owner gaze would raise oxytocin levels in either or both. Highway Our wildlife thanks them. One time in California, it took me half a day. Am I grateful to be a Washington resident! Next generation I just got off the phone with a friend who lives in Seattle and must share some information she gave me. Her son is a doctor who went to school at the University of Washington and has been practicing on the East Coast.

He had several interviews set up in the area, including Swedish Hospital. He received job offers from every interview.

Guess how he made his decision about where to go? His wife researched school districts and found one with a good record for modern programs and student success.

He accepted the job in that area solely because the schools are good for his young family. We have heard the administrators at Olympic Medical Center and Jamestown [clinic] remark about their difficulty in recruiting enough medical personnel. This is a retirement community, where many people have decided that. It is time to get outside and be in this Northwest spring. I am ready after many dark, gray winter days.

I looked for things that truly brought joy to help me overcome those times in March and February when I longed to fly away. We exchanged dog stories, and I learned something new about my terrier. They are stubborn at times and willful, just like me. I would ask them in my age group, by the way if they might need good medical care now or in the future. And customer complaints aimed at specific businesses need to be taken up directly with the businesses themselves.

I wish he would please be considerate of his neighbors trying to sleep in. Arts] folks for bringing The Association to Port Angeles. Keep comments brief — 50 words or less. On voice messages, spell out names for raves. Also, only one rant or rave per writer. The experience of singing with others gives you a real boost of energy and enthusiasm and is almost lifechanging. Now the daffodils and lilies and robins are out, and the Earth is bursting with new buds and life.

A friend just moved here from Texas, and she is astonished when we walk to the beach at Fort Worden or North Beach. Her delight makes me fall in love again with the North Olympic Peninsula.

Just ask my dog! Nan Toby Tyrrell, Port Townsend. I certainly do. It is in the best interest of all citizens to support public schools where you live. Not only does it selfishly encourage qualified. Linda Benson, Sequim. Images captured by a remotely controlled miniature submarine showed the Independence sitting upright about 30 miles off the coast near the Farallon Islands. A plane is visible in a hangar. The Independence operated in the Pacific during the war and served as a target ship for two Bikini Atoll atomic bomb tests in Despite the damage.

The Navy used the ship to study nuclear decontamination while it was moored in San Francisco. The Navy towed the Independence out to sea in and scuttled it out of concern the damaged ship would sink near the city. Neither the submarine nor tools used to examine the ship showed any signs of increased radiation, Delgado said.

Kai Vetter, a University of California, Berkeley, nuclear engineering professor, said the ship posed a serious risk to workers at the San Francisco shipyard where the ship was moored after the atomic tests. Stk TN Stk N Mariners rookie pitcher Tyler Olson is congratulated in the dugout after pitching against the Angels earlier this month. And manager Lloyd McClendon has not hesitated going to the left-handed reliever from Spokane a lot in the early going. Olson has five Next Game appearances Today already in the vs.

His last showing came Wednesday night in mop-up duty for Taijuan Walker, who lasted just four innings against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Team Play - Eddie Firmani - Talks To Young Athletes About Soccer (Vinyl loss. Olson threw a career-high two innings of scoreless relief. Gonzaga product Olson was the West Coast Conference pitcher of the year for Gonzaga University — the same year he was selected in the seventh round of the first-year player draft by the Mariners.

But in spring training, Olson transitioned into becoming a reliever. He held left-handed hitters to a. In 10 relief outings, Olson did not give up an earned run. He struck out 15 and walked no batters. His appearances have not been all smooth. He has given up seven hits and five walks four intentional.

I am focusing more on hitting spots and locating, rather than just getting it over the plate because I am so nervous. After netting two goals in the final 10 minutes to salvage a tie with Port Townsend on Tuesday, Sequim picked up right where they left off against the Knights on Thursday. Kyle Harrison scored a firstminute goal off of an assist from Cameron Chase. Will Bittner added Team Play - Eddie Firmani - Talks To Young Athletes About Soccer (Vinyl goal in the eighth minute, sending the ball into the net after a left-toright cross from Chase.

Harrison added his fourth goal in two games in the 76th minute off of an assist from Bittner. Chase scored the final goal in the 78th minute, with freshman Josiah Urquia tallying the assist. Brasher lauded the play of midfielder Eli Berg, naming. Kingstonon Tuesday. Butler claimed the 1,meter run in 4 minutes, Matt Robbins was the other event winner for the Roughriders with a throw of 42 feet, 6 inches in the shot put. Simon Shindler finished second behind Butler in the 1, and was third in the 3, On the girls side, North Kitsap won with points, while Port Angeles was second with and North Mason finished with Elyse Lovgren led the way for the Riders, winning the long jump with a distance of Port Angeles swept the long distance events: Gracie Long.

Track and Field won the 1, with a time of Long also finished third in the hurdles, while Dougherty also finished third in the pole vault. Dougherty and Long teamed with Laura Nutter and Haili Farnam to place second in the 4xmeter relay. Nutter also was second in the for the Riders. Owens also placed third in the high jump and fourth in the javelin for Port Angeles.

The Warriors led by 15 after the first quarter, 18 at the half and 25 late in the third. Late rally The Pelicans pulled within four in the final minute behind Davis, who scored 20 of his 35 points in the fourth quarter, to make the contest seem closer than it really was. Game 2 of the series is Monday night in Oakland, where the Warriors have won 19 straight.

Davis shot 13 of 23 from the floor and grabbed seven rebounds in his playoff debut. Pelicans point guard Tyreke Evans also left John Mayer - Paradise Valley (CD, Album) the first half with a bruised left knee and did not return. Monday Baseball: Evergreen Lutheran at Quilcene doubleheader4 p. Softball: Port Angeles at White River, 3 p.

Boys Golf: Chimacum at Port Townsend, 3 p. Leading team: Screwballs. Leading team: Certified Hearing. Leading team: Kingpins. Baseball: Hoquiam at Forks, 4 p. Softball: Hoquiam at Forks, 4 p. Boys Soccer: Forks at Elma, 6 p. Girls Golf: North Mason at Sequim, 2 p. Net: Chuck Burkhardt, Putts: Patti Wirz, Birdie on No. Lynda Estes, 10; Judy Kelley, Leading team: Crab Cakes. Leading team: Easy Street. Leading team: Seven Cedars. Leading team: Spare Parts.

Leading team: Shooting Blanks. Cheryl Coulter, PC No. Texas —3 Seattle —1 E—Zunino 1. DP—Texas 3. LOB—Texas 6, Seattle 6. Miller 2. HR—Chirinos 2. Martin 1Odor 1. Gallardo pitched to 2 batters in the 7th. A—36, 47, Atlanta 8, Toronto 7 Boston 3, Baltimore 2 N. Angels at Houston, late N. Miller at Toronto Da.

Norrisa. Yankees Pineda at Tampa Bay Andriesea. Baltimore Mi. Gonzalez at Boston Porcelloa. Cleveland House at Minnesota Maya.

Angels Richards at Houston Feldmana. Oakland Kazmir at Kansas City D. Duffyp. Texas Detwiler at Seattle Paxtonp. Yankees at Detroit, p. Cleveland at Chicago White Sox, p. Minnesota at Kansas City, p. Oakland at L. Angels, p. Houston at Seattle, p. Louis 7 3 Chicago 6 4 Cincinnati 5 6 Pittsburgh 4 6 Milwaukee 2 8. Mets 4, Miami 1 St. Louis 6, Cincinnati 1 L.

Miami Koehler at N. Mets Harveya. Milwaukee Garza at Pittsburgh Colea. Philadelphia Buchanan at Washington Strasburg Arizona Hellickson at San Francisco T.

Hudsonp. Colorado E. Butler at L. Dodgers McCarthyp. Cincinnati Leake at St. Louis Wainwrightp. Georgia Live 11 a. UCLA Live a.

Mississippi State University Live 1 p. Washington Live 1 p. Louis Cardinals Live 5 p. Cincinnati at Milwaukee, p. San Diego at Colorado, p. Already leadingOlympic opened the sixth with two singles. Myer; LP- Christian said. Hitting Statistics mound. Sequim 18. Leighton Pace led the Wolves offensive attack, which pounded out 16 hits. Pace was 3 for 4 with a double, two runs and four RBIs. James Grubb was 3 for 4 with a triple, two runs and two RBIs. Velarde had two strikeouts in his two innings pitched.

Sequim scored three runs in the first two innings Friday to take a lead, but the Wolves were unable to bring anymore runs home as Vashon scored three in the fourth and one apiece in the fifth and sixth innings. LP) followed with a well-executed squeeze bunt to score Curan Bradley.

The Ridersvisit Port Townsendon Tuesday. When we hit the ball, it was right at them. Clallam Bay girls and the He broke the second Neah Bay boys won the mark in the for the first Class 1B North Olympic time in his career with an League meet held concur- Mason meet at Port Angeles His time of Char- dles. His time of Alicia Loomis and Selena Cole Svec came in fourth Akin were second overall in the high jump, and he for the Red Devils in the teamed with Buzzell, Winck shot put and discus, respec- and Chris Martinez to claim tively.

Wyatt McNeese took secbut received many standout ond in the shot put and performances. Molly McCoy was third fourth in the discus for in the high jump, fifth in Crescent. Neil Peppard ended up the hurdles and sixth in third in the discus for the the long jump. Kendra Anderson placed Loggers. Jordan Scott was fourth third in the and was part of a third-place 4x and fifth, respectively, in meter relay team along the and hurdles.

The 4x relay team of earning second in the high Anderson, May, Erickson jump and fourth in the long and Atokena Abe finished jump. Ryan Lester led CresSequim sweeps cent with a second-place four-team meet finish in the hurdles. Ashara Dodson earned faced off as Sequim and fourth in the discus and Port Townsend competed seventh in the javelin for against Coupeville and Klahowya. Sequim won all three of its head-to-head competiWinck leads Neah Bay tions Thursday, defeating None of the small schools Port Townsendproduced an event winner Coupeville and Klaon the boys side.

McCoy placed third in the event. The Sequim girls also won all three showdowns, beating Port TownsendCoupeville and Klahowya The Port Townsend girls lost all three team competitions. Moroles won with an area-best time of Constantine placed second in thewhile Moroles game in fifth. Moroles also set a new area-best in the by winning with at time of Alex Barry was a triple winner for the Wolves, tak.

His javelin throw of feet, 3 inches is the best on the Peninsula and only 8 inches shy of his personal best set last season. In only the second track and field meet of his career, the senior achieved the secondlongest throw on the Peninsula Oscar Herrera won the and meter hurdles for Sequim. Moroles, Barry and Herrera helped the Wolves win both relays. Moroles, Barry, Herrera and Logan Habner won the 4x with a time of Austin Adams won the shot put for Sequim with a distance ofwhile teammate Joshua Cibene was second with a Cibene won the pole vault with a foot mark, 2 feet ahead of teammate Rickey Gross.

Jackson Oliver won the high jump and placed second in the long jump The Port Townsend boys won theLP), and 3, Ryan Clarke won the 1, with an area-best Brennan LaBrie took first in the with an area-best Vereide won the Shreffler won the Shreffler also placed second in thewhile Vereide was third.

Those two also helped the Wolves take first in the 4x relay, along with Gretchen Happe and Megan Breckenridge. Clark won the hurdles, running the hurdles in Cheryl Armstrong won the shot put and discus and placed third in the javelin. Emily van Dyken won the pole vault for the Wolves with a height of 8 feet. Sara wines was the only winner for the Port Townsend girls, taking the javelin with a mark of Hanna Trailer placed second in the 1, for the Redhawks.

Castillo won the girls javelin with a throw of 96 feet, 4 inches. Noel won the boys discus with a distance of He also placed second in the shot put. Teammate Josh Conklin took third in both events.

Victor Hitt placed fourth in the long jump for the Cowboys, while Isaiah Avery was fifth in the javelin. Shelby MacDonald took fourth in the shot put for the Cowboys and Alice Yaley and Emily Fletcher finished fourth and fifth, respectively. A cluster of errors in the five errors put us on the top of the fifth inning edge every inning. In the Forks half of the Myles Hundley added a double for Chimacumfifth, Contreras tried to spark his own rally by sin The Cowboys visit gling, then stealing second Kingstonon Mon- base, and then third.

Dancing off of third base, day. Forks took a lead in Browning, Palmer and the bottom of the third Reece Blattner also colinning when Contreras lected hits for the Spartans. Eatonville responded pitcher, and making a rollwith four runs in the top of ing, tumbling catch on a the fourth inning with a line drive in between sec.

The Spartans won their protest appeal of a disputed third to first pickoff attempt. The game will be replayed from the point immediately preceding the protested call, which was during the top of the second inning with Tenino holding a lead.

Port Angeles travels to face unbeaten White River on Monday for a nonleague game. Olympic: Mitchell 7 IP, 12 H. Maria Soule and Maddy Woods were named as the players of the match by Port Angeles coach Stephanie Gochnour after their straight-sets doubles victory on Thursday. The Ridershost Bremertonon Friday. Bogut had 12 had 15 points and 11 points, 14 rebounds and five rebounds for the Raptors, assists. Pierce beat the Raptors Badgered by taunts from with a veteran mix of brains a vocal sellout crowd, Pierce and baskets.

Marissa Montano Kla, Burchett Kla Sarah Ackermann Kla Doubles No. Electric, new, never used. Top speed 4. Call: Great tires, excellent condition, adult ridden. Railroad, P. For details on these positions and to apply online, visit www.

Now accepting applications. Seeking motivated, personable individual with administrative experience to join the Peninsula Housing Authority team. Duties include but are not limited to performing annual recertifications, filing, data base entry, drafting letters and documents, report preparation, clerical support, file managementand basic financial record keeping.

Must have Excel and Word exper ience. Basic accounting exper ience a plus. For an application or more information visit www. Additional infor mation about the position and application forms available at www. Part-Time RN. Join multi-disciplinary team supporting consumers with www. Food Co-op, Full- area route. A p p parties must be 18 yrs. Visit ers License, proof of inwww. Interest wilderauto. Or email Wilder Auto jbirkland peninsuladailynews.

New, never used. Birdsong Ln. Be a part of our growing success! Join the only bank headquartered on the North Olympic Peninsula. No experience. Free training. Caregivers Home Care. Experience in cashiering, drive through, and customer ser vice is necessar y.

Fo r i n fo r m a t i o n o n these and other positions, and to apply online, visit www. Serious applicants only. May 22, years applicable experiObtain a full job descripence. Visit www. At Sequim Health and Rehabilitation Center we value your experience and hard work.

We strive to provide our employees with the tools necessary for development and success in an environment that fosters career growth. And more!

This position requires excellent customer ser vice skills, ver y strong typing computer proficiency, a high degree of dependability with the ability to accurately follow detailed instructions. Drop off your current resume in person at either of our locations, Sequim or Pt Angeles. Relocation assistance is available as well. Extendicare Health Services, Inc. Pickup applications at Sherwood Assisted Living W.

Hendr ickson Sequim Wa. COM OR. Open 8 a. Please read your ad carefully and report any errors promptly. Cancellations--Please keep your cancellation number.

Billing adjustments cannot be made without it. If you want to belong to a team we would love to talk to you. Avamere Olympic Rehab of Sequim S. Medical Assistantwanted with clinical experience, to work in a tribal health clinic. FT position with benefits. WA State certification required. Indian preference in hiring in accordance with PL Open until filled status Contact: Personnel, ext.

To apply send resume and references to: sequimjob1 gmail. Resume to nicejob gmail. This position is responsible for the safety, functionality and appearance of the Nor thwest Maritime Center. Please send resume and cover letter to eileen nwmaritime. Position closes when filled. Full time. Job description and application P. Port Angeles, WA sit. Min 2 yrs April 24, Pre-Em- perienced Executive Dip l oy m e n t d r u g t e s t rector, previous assisted req.

Certified program. No Jr ny. My jail students seem to rest more easily in uncertainty, knowing that life itself does not provide answers. Studies vary, but sev- eral show that as many as 90 percent of incarcerated women have been sexually, emotionally, or physically abused.

Like their impris- oned sisters elsewhere, my students are predominantly mothers. They are also most likely in jail on drug charges, primarily for possessing minor amounts of crack cocaine. Not anymore. The longer 1 worked at the jail, the more my curiosity was piqued by what 1 learned and the more 1 wanted to help. Years of reading j Victorian novels had left me with a strong sense of social reform; I i believed 1 could make a difference teaching at the jail, more so than at other places.

And 1 still believe this despite the fact that I have seen hundreds of women get released from jail and come back again — often the same ones, and often more times than I can count.

Often, 1 turn down academic positions I once thought I wanted, yet never with any real sense of regret. She told me that when she got out, she was going to get her son hack, get a job, and turn her life around.

I was surprised when she mentioned her baby; she looks so much like a child and in need of mothering herself. The class seems subdued and sad. I try to get one new student to do some work. She is much older, perhaps around fifty-five, and near toothless. And 1 just buried my son. Educational programs are mandatory at this jail, but the policy makes little sense to me, too, at times.

The next day, the women are livelier, and we begin reading Their Eyes. They quickly pick up on the dialect, something I feared would be prohibitive. The other students are encouraging, telling her to go on when she stumbles, and even yelling at me when I correct a mispronunciation. Miss B! Before the withdrawal of hnds, Bedford Hills had offered a college program for fifteen years as a satellite campus at Mercy College in Westchester County.

There was very little women :ould do to change their future. When they zould look forward to leaving prison with a zollege education, they had some opportuni- :y.

When that was withdrawn suddenly, the women felt they had been let down. But we believe that when we jre able to. As part of its participation, Barnard will fund one course per year providing salary for an adjunct teacher as well as course materi- als.

In addition, two Barnard faculty mem- bers, Denny Partridge and Steve Eriedman, chair and lecturer respectively in the The- atre Department, plan to teach a course at Bedford Hills in the spring, and the Theatre Department plans to perform Romeo and JulR et at the prison in November. Statistics show that 5 1 percent of women inmates have less than a 1 Zth'grade education entering prison; 32 percent read below 6th-grade level. She is looking forward to teaching at an institution so different from Barnard.

In prison, a small message from the outside can go far. I ask them to write essays about this, and I get back many that ex- plain how they were turned out to drugs: on first dates, with boyfriends, cousins, even mothers. When we get to the same scene in my Berkeley class, I say some- thing about Tea Cake turning Janie out. We move on. T anya, i have heard, is back in jail. Out for less than a week before getting rearrested, she likely did not get the photocopies I sent her. She was apparently caught selling drugs to an undercover cop on the same street corner where she was arrested before.

Yet, knowing her educational level, I won- der how easy it would have been for her to get one. When Tanya comes back into class, she hugs me and asks me not to be mad at her. I am always happy to see my former students again, even in jail; at least I know that they are alive and safe.

But the rest of the class is unruly. The aftermath of these visits is a palpable feeling of malaise. All the other classes are canceled today. So I pull out a passage from Their Eyes where Janie talks about feeling like a rut in a road, beaten down, 大頭仔 = Doll Dance - Various - 少女情 = Young Love (Vinyl) the life all beneath the surface, and I tell them to respond in writing.

After much cajoling, they begin to write. A new student calls me over and tells me she felt trampled this way when she was homeless. I agree. My best student, Linnea, writes quickly, then hands me her essay to read. I would have sex in an alleyway, the back seat of an abandoned vehi- cle, and even out in the open park in front of crowds of people. I would eat out of trash cans. I would go days without bathing, or changing my clothes! They clap after each one and make supportive comments.

I know it. From their essays and comments in class, I can piece together the world that many of my students come from. It is these ele- ments that transcend division by race, uniting my students with each other and the literature we read.

I vow to someday send them to Toni Morrison and apologize for pho- tocopying her novels. Also men abusing women it is a strong issue and your book brought strength to me as a woman of abuse. I love real stuff. Even tho the cover states that the story is fiction.

I truly believe that some little girl may have gone through this. It was a common thing. And Im sorry to say, that it still happens. If you can please send me an autograph book. I would really enjoy it.

Thank you. Within a year, Pu and her husband became the proud parents of Kiki, now 18, and later of Mayling, 15, and Tommy, 1 1. In the last two decades, her dual roles as driven professional and devoted parent have intertwined to create the rich tapestry of her life. But unlike many of her peers, who are attempting to balance both roles at once, Pu decided — and was fortunate enough to have the means — to embrace them one at a time.

The term has been gaining popularity since it was coined by writer Arlene Rossen Cardozo as the title of her book advocating that professional women take time out for child-rearing. In a interview, Millicent McIntosh suggested that an effective way for graduates to realize their dreams was to concentrate on making significant profes- sional inroads before having children.

McIntosh, who celebrated her th birthday last year, has been lauded as a true feminist — both consummate career woman head of Barnard from to and mother of five children. At the same time, they refuse to see motherhood as the end of their professional life, as many of their own mothers were forced to do.

The next generation will hopefully not feel the need to be as extreme one way or the other. The pendulum will swing hack. However, career woman and stay-at-home mom are still frequently invoked as polar opposites, revealing an un- derlying belief that the sensibilities and talents needed fot each role are widely different.

But old stereotypes die hard. Mothers who leave their jobs, even if only temporarily, are often seen as abandoning careers.

For the time being, Best has swapped the hO-hour weeks of travel and high-level grant presentations for a jam-packed routine that caters to the needs of James and her second child, Eli, now 1. Being part of a community of stay-at-home moms has helped alle- viate the feelings of isolation and doubt Best experienced early on, when, she admits, she used to worry about her decision.

After this. She has returned to the writing world with a greater sense of clari- ty than when she left it, she notes. Kerr is, however, quick to point out — as were other women inter- viewed for this article — that sequencing is a choice born of luxury, a choice for women of means, for women with supportive husbands.

Best recalls that during her maternity leave she weighed various flexible work arrangements her employers offered in order to keep her on board. Being that passionate about my job, how was I going to cut hack? Given their dedication to career, many sequencers experience difficulties putting their work lives on hold. When that mother is pas- sionate about her profession and plans to return to the workplace down the line, the self-doubt may be even more pronounced.

Donna Masterson, who is at home with children ages 8, 6, and 1, discusses how she headed off a recent identity crisis. She credits them as major factors in her current as- signment as director of strategic planning for the White House anti- drug campaign, the largest social marketing initiative ever. The years of intensive child rearing, of caring for three boys under five, were enormously rewarding, intellectually challenging, and emotionally thrilling.

It was also tougher than the U. But in the space of six months, things had begun to change. Whatever the new life my father envisioned for himself actually entailed, I noticed that it meant getting rid of one of the twin beds from his bedroom and moving the remaining one to the center of the wall.

Pink silk pillows disappeared. The flowery soaps from the bathroom were replaced by white odorless bars. Someone will be by next week to pick them up. And now that 1 was thirty-one 1 was still listening for that last step, and when my father finally reached it, 1 realized 1 was alone. I expected the air to be warm, breathlike, but it was slightly chilled, almost refrigerated, and it smelled of dust and old wool.

I took dress after dress out of the closet and into the light, held each one up, appraising them quickly, but not really looking be- yond the fronts and buttons and collars. Everything looked enor- mous, much bigger than my mother had been, as though by sitting in the closet the clothes had Dead Smoke - V* - V.EP (Vinyl) and lost their shape like an old woman sitting in a soft armchair.

Certain dresses, stiff, with covered buttons and double pleats, reminded me of corners of the house, of partic- ular foods and places to sit, of other people, of some particular time in my life, and of no time.

On the floor in front of the closet, I made two piles: what I would keep, and what I would give away. Some of the clothes felt dirty, as though they had been worn just last week. On others, lively lines of discoloration ran down the front of blouses and sweaters; splatters of something scrubbed but not removed spotted the hems of skirts and the sleeves of robes. My own clothes had always been, and often still were, held together by safety pins, staples in the hem. But now 1 saw clothes in her closet that were stained and im- perfect, and she had kept them all.

The pile 1 wanted to keep grew slowly, while the pile to give away spread out onto the floor as if it were trying to crawl away. My mother had never allowed me to look in her closets. Once, when 1 was seven, 1 opened the door to one of them, and buried my face in the mother-smell of her dresses.

She pulled me out by the shoulders, and out of surprise, or fear, or in- stinct, 1 held onto one of her dresses as though it would save me from being dragged out to sea. My eyes tingled from the light of the room after the black of the closet and I blinked at her. When I was older, there were nights my parents would go out and 1 would wander through their big house in almost darkness, tiptoeing through their living room and their dining room, touch- ing their things.

But when they were out. As 1 sat there, 1 felt a draft around my ankles and thought, this is where my mother and father sit. I was always afraid of being caught at something, or feeling a firm hand surprise my shoulder, of turning to face my mother and see my father moving behind, listening, but not joining. Be- tween her thighs 1 saw hair, dark, deep, and unmotherly. The water in the bathtub be- this invasion of her privacy, hut 1 stuck my hand deep into the drawer among the coolness of her things, looking for something hard, unusual — not underwear.

Every woman 1 knew hid something in her underwear drawer, a place she was sure no one would ever want, or dare, to go.

They appeared to me, every morning and every night, as fully dressed people. To stand, to feel air run between my legs and across my chest felt too exposed, and too dangerous.

A few years before she died, my mother had complained of back pain, and 'A woman deserves a little privacy, 'she said. I took the rohe off the hanger and pressed it to my face for the smell.

I folded the robe and put it on my pile to keep. I opened the drawers of her bureau. There were scarves, fluffy and coiled together, some invisibly crusty, that moved like stirring kittens. There were drawers of underwear. Slips and bras were ad- justed and held together with safety pins and clasps, and several were torn at the lacy edges.

The waistbands crackled and dissolved when I stretched them. I wanted to take the drawer and dump the contents into one of the plastic bags like so much sand, and hit the sides to make sure the last piece fell out. I felt embarrassed sud- denly, as though my mother were in the room, helplessly watching my father insisted she see a doctor.

The doc- tor suggested she stop wearing high heels. What difference flat shoes will make. They look so awful on a woman. After so many years of wearing high heels, her Achilles tendons had shortened, and she found it painful to walk. As I went through pair after pair, 1 saw that many of the toes were scuffed like my own shoes, that there was dirt and gum stuck to the bottoms, that the insides were dark from sweat.

Your odors, your decaying teeth, your scabs and earwax were to be looked at in private, never talked about with other people. The handbags were lined up on the top shelf like books, per- fectly aligned, the handles flopping in the same direction, ready to be grabbed and taken out. There were ostrich-skin bags that looked like they were covered with dried cat nipples, alligator bags, brown leather bags with gold clasps that closed like a kiss.

She had hidden nothing, and had spent all those years trying to keep me away from something that didn't exist, while 1 had spent those years thinking there was something to find.

The garbage bags were filled and tied as though they contained years of leaves from the front yard. Some coats I tried on, but the sleeves re- vealed my wrists and the cloth pulled over my back. My mother had a coat for every occasion and weather, while 1 had just two — for cold and really cold.

Out of all her coats, 1 decided to keep only the green one. And your chest is getting too big We Love You (Radio Edit) - The Scumfrog - We Love You (CD) it.

She led me through the aisles and to the elevators with a purposefulness 1 saw in no one else. In the coat section, 1 ran around the racks try- ing everything on, trying to get a response out of my mother.

As 1 stood in front of the paneled mirror, 1 saw myselt imposed on my mother, who stood behind me. I was sweating and scratchy under my clothes as 1 tried on coat after coat. Finally, 1 saw a green coat like the one she was wearing. My father bought my mother her pocketbooks, as she called them, and would return with one for her whenever he went on a trip. They would giggle together as she unwrapped the bag, and she would pull down his face to kiss his cheek.

It seemed dirty to me — he was giving her that closed hard thing that she always hung off her wrist, or in front of her crotch, or on her lap. She would open her bag very slightly and secretly, as though there was a bird Jesus Spoke - Jeffrey Dean Foster - The Leaves Turn Upside Down (CD) she was afraid might fly out.

Sometimes she left her bag in the kitchen, or on a table near the front door, and 1 would stroke the leather, put my hand only partway through the han- dles, and never look inside. People would say it was very unlike me. I shut the closet doors and the drawers, and lined up the plastic bags in the hallway. The room looked exactly as it had before.

The things I wanted to take fit easily into one bag, and I carried it downstairs. My father was sitting in the living room as I had imagined, watching television in the dark. I looked at him, but his eyes were downward. Instead, they froze at night in the back of the car on a dark street and warmed in the sun dur- ing the day.

Only the bathrobe came inside, and I washed it by hand in the sink. I was naked underneath when I wore it, and I lay down on my bed, flat and straight, and when I heard my husband coming to- ward the room, I took it off and threw it in a corner of the closet. Driving on a Sunday afternoon, I smelled the clothes baking in the sun on the back seat. They looked dirty now, and faded in the light of the snow. I looked down the street and saw the traffic lights swinging together, blinking and fading until they were smoky and blurred.

At the storefront Goodwill, there was a small crowd, bent and busy. When 1 pulled the car up next to the curb, I could see that the drop-off itself was shut, but boxes, bags, and piles of clothing crowded the doorway and spilled out onto the sidewalk, coloring the concrete.

The people, some in pairs, one black, some white, one Chinese, dug into the boxes as though there was warmth at the bottom. I sat in the car, the heat roaring, unable to jump out and dump the stuff. Occasionally, people pulled something out of a box or a bag and held the sweater or the skirt or the pants in front of themselves, smoothing the clothing across the bulki- ness of their coated bodies, modeling to their partners, or watch- ing themselves in the window next door.

They checked labels. In a few minutes the crowd had gone, and there was just one man in a red down jacket and wool hat, rummaging in the piles that the others had already been through.

He extracted single socks and a pair of boots. When he finished, he picked up his two bags and walked down the street and around the corner. I ran to pick them up and threw them hack on the pile. I sat there for a few minutes, rubbing my hands to warm them, sweating, slightly scared and a little excited to see what might happen. Her friend nodded once, she folded it, and they left again. Then the man in the red down jacket came hack.

Looking around to make sure he was alone, and seeing no one, he began to dig through the pile. I saw his gray face turn in my direction and not see me. He held up a summer dress, one that had concealed zippers and a fine line of embroidery. It flapped like a flag, and he rolled it up and stuffed it in his bag.

He picked up the ostrich-skin purse. Holding it very close to his chest, he looked around again and then opened it very slightly. He stuck his hand inside and found nothing. When the man crouched on his heels, his jacket pulled up and his pants pulled down, and 1 could see his crack exposed to the cold. He checked the pockets of the coat and turned them inside out, he opened the coat and checked the lining, and when he stuck his gloved hand up the sleeve, it seemed that he was doing something violent and rude to my mother, and I felt a red shame crawl up my face.

The man looked around again, and still seeing no one, took off his own red jacket and put on the green coat. He twirled in it, and looked dowirhis front. The coat was small and hugged him tightly, and the too-short sleeves showed his hairy wrists. He managed to button the middle button by hiking the long part of the coat around hisowaist like a skirt. Then he put his red jacket over the green coat and picked up his bags.

While the view assumes one side of the room, maps adorn the other three. In fact. As general manager of Port Facilities and in her dual position as acting deputy director of Port Commerce, Kelly balances geologic and environmental issues with business and manager- ial concerns.

While overseeing the daily operations of the P. The dredging issue illustrates how environment and business must be adeptly managed. Kelly explains that New York Harbor has a depth of approximately 18 feet, yet cargo ships have, over the years, warranted an increasingly deeper port the newest and largest ships now require towards 50 feet for proper maneuvering.

Thus, in order for commerce to continue, enormous amounts of mud have to be dredged from the Harbor and put elsewhere. When, several years ago, traces of dioxin were found in the mud deposited at Sandy Hook findings proved the amounts to be negligiblethe Port Authority responded by seeking alternative locales out in the Atlantic, factoring public safety, logistics, and cost into the equation.

At Barnard, she chose an interde- partmental major combining geology, biology, and environment. Though highly popular today. Environmental Science was then an unnamed, fledgling discipline. Like the Internet-incarnate, Port Authority is a veritable web — of tunnels, bridges, airports, and port facilities — that enables and stimulates industrial communication.

Perhaps Kelly will he in those seats again, circawatching a procession of robed women that includes Alexandra.

There are also the two canes, basic black. And back home in Vancouver, British Columbia, the battery-powered scooter, dubbed Gladys. In Klein had two strokes. She should have died. She almost did. A rare vascular tumor, buried in her brainstem, burst.

A congenital defect. It bled her speechless, motionless, petrified, and conscious. For an indescribable eighteen months — no, she describes them brilliantly in her recent book.

She lived because she was lucky, brave, privileged, loved, and utterly determined. Filmmaking had come by chance. The program required a minor, and Klein chose film for convenience; the tiny department was buried in the basement of the theatre building. At Stanford filmmaking meant watching films. Klein watched and succumbed. The case for Canada was building nicely, and they moved to Montreal. Years of grassroots filmmaking followed. Two children. A film portrait of Saul Alinsky, the Chicago-based hellraiser.

Pioneering forays into public television. Five years in Rochester while her husband did post-graduate studies. In the Canadian siren sang again. A documentary by a poet. It was like a light bulb blazing on. I immediately switched majors. The Mills of the Gods. The family returned to Montreal. At thirty-four, Klein was welcomed to the new studio as a veteran filmmaker.

Films that showed how we saw things differently, how we worked together differently, how we relat- ed to our audiences differently. The film both seized and prompted the fury many women were feeling about pom sprouting at their corner stores.

Not a Love Story enjoyed commercial and critical success — and came to signify what a timely feminist film could do. Klein was lambasted by Hustler magazine and, more disturbingly, by other feminists. Shortly after filming Mile Zero, Klein was hammered by the strokes. Since the protracted trauma ofshe has produced another remarkable body of work: her actual body, which has now recovered some of the mobility, speech, and mental and motor skills that were knocked out.

And it was the first time I was really fighting for my own rights, for myself. Sloiv Dance was recently published stateside by Wildcat Canyon Press, and she is gearing up for more public speaking. While she pursues these many projects, she reflects on a question at the heart of feminism and has arrived at her own answer. There is a certain peacefulness in not feeling obliged to chase all the options and opportunities. There is the deep challenge of just living.

Now in its second season, the sassy series is a huge hit, a fact that Nixon attributes to its reversal of the stereotypical, male narratives she learned about in a Barnard English class.

She was able to balance acting, school, and socializing, only dropping out of the shows right before final exams. Inshe helped found the Dtama Dept. Mingling the two perspectives, Woolt created narratives that could at once tell a story and stand as meditations on the nature of self and reality.

She was dedicated to that; her early critics were not. It spurred me to sharpen my pencils. But a woman? A minor British novel- ist? And I, an American, in sandals rather than brown oxford shoes? This was not literary judgment but prejudice plain and simple. I was the first in my family to go to college. All my life I had lived with anti-female bias, though as Betty Friedan later described, I barely knew from what I was suffering.

No forum existed on campus to explore female oppression. Nowhere did we discuss the conflicts that we as women would face beyond Barnard. So, when 1 walked outside the Green Gates, I felt defenseless against my first profes- sional opposition: A minor British novelist — and a woman! What should I, never militant or even a vocal protester, do? Exactly what I had done for twenty-six years before: smile, forge ahead, keep my mouth shut. Who knew? Maybe it would work out. No professional typist felt stalwart enough to type the chapters I had to mail north, especially on the pound paper I had to import from New Orleans.

The day I drove to Austin, Texas, however, boosted me. The University had acquired a collection of 20th-century art and manu- scripts, including letters of Virginia dear! I was thrilled. Here, in my hand, 1 held lines from the woman herself, the artist-wife-woman, in her own, inimitable voice. Here she was. Some of those little blue slips of paper showed the artist fighting critics both within and without, as well as the daily drama of her writing and personal life.

Her fictional efforts, though, reflect none of the struggles she under- went to create them. But to give herself both the socio-political and particular personal support she needed to write, she had to invent A Room of One's Otvn or Three Guineas. How this buttressed me.

Nei- ther in the classroom nor out had I heard words like this. With them i 1 could identify and be guided. By them I felt fortified. She became my mentor. She af- firmed my purpose to look deeply into human personality, the rela- tivity of time, the nature of art.

She was the perfect guide. Each morning, at my desk, there she was waiting for me, her words, her I thoughts, her experiments, Orlando, The Years, Between the Acts. She i helped lead my pen, assuage my doubt. Here was feminism in fineform. It was my first, direct contact. And in two years it was done. At my orals, I nearly weakened. My homemade green velours suit looked professional, but did it successfully hide my four-month preg- nancy?

That was the last thing I wanted to show my all-male com- mittee. Would they use my imminent motherhood to knock me out of the running? The first Ph. Why they could easily bounce me out of Redpath Hall, my pages floating down Mount Royal like so many autumn leaves.

I girded myself and answered their questions pointedly, judiciously quoted authorities, and focused all anecdotes; nothing was left over. Afterward, one hom-rimmed professor of 18th-century literature pronounced. Your students are ex- tremely lucky. I shook his hand.

What more could I expect? My red robe trailed behind me that hot June day, when I, with other graduates, marched down the aisles of the hockey arena. No- htidy thought to measure me or shorten that gown. I was assumed to be six foot two, one hundred ninety pounds. So, I hiked up my hem and strode across that stage, my mind and my body giddy with secrets. To the world I was just another graduate, my journey just beginning. But to me, thanks to what I learned from Virginia Woolf, my first step resounded with history.

Lois Silverstein works in Berkeley, California, as a writing and creativity consultant and an expressive arts therapist. She writes poems, essays, and novels, and recently performed a one-woman show in San Francisco. Yes, Virginia Woolf was a woman, once a frail girl, tall, willowy, and supersensitive; a melancholic girl with a penchant for observation and perception far exceeding that of most girls raised in Victorian households.

As we have remained tme to our guiding purpose, we have also con- tinued to develop in new directions, so that our gradu- ates will move out into the world well prepared for life in a technologically sophisticated and increasingly interde- pendent world community. The Annual Fund, a critical component of The Barnard Campaign, has also had a tremendously successful year. How does this support translate into a superior educa- tional environment for our students?

Let me count the ways. Students of music and psychology will soon enjoy classes in a newly renovated lecture theater on the fourth floor of Milbank Hall, equipped with a wide range of sophisticated multimedia technologies.

Additional media equipment installations are currently underway in numerous classrooms in Barnard, Altschul, and Milbank Halls, significantly expanding the pedagogical tools available to our faculty in English, dance, foreign lan- guages, and the sciences. The recent reconstmction of the plaza between Altschul Hall and McIntosh Center has reclaimed a natural public gathering place for stu- dents, faculty, and visitors. Much of the work of The Barnard Campaign has been dedicated to addressing areas of pressing need: long- deferred facilities improvements, essential technological advancements, and provision of student financial aid and faculty support.

A Campaign outcome that signifi- cantly exceeds our goal will allow for a corresponding redefinition of our capabilities in the years to come, and will guarantee a strong future for Barnard in an increas- ingly competitive environment for higher education.

The coming year will be one of intensive planning at the College, as we look beyond the period of the current Campaign and the projects associated with it. We have seen extraordinary advances in the past decade — from applications that have more than doubled, to new pro- fessorships and programs, to an endowment that has more than tripled in size, to the largest facilities improvement program in our history.

Our task now is to define what we want to accomplish in the next decade. I shall be sharing with you my thoughts and the ideas that are emerging from the various campus committees as I travel throughout the country this year, and doing a lot of hard listening as well.

How high can we reach? The answer to that question is up to all of us. On behalf of the entire College community, I extend my deepest thanks to each of you for your proven commit- ment to this unique and exciting adventure that is Barnard.

Hans S. Arch C. Each of the donors has made a provision for Barnard in her will or has arranged for some other form of a planned gift to benefit the College. I thank each of you for bearing Barnard in mind when you made your estate plans.

It is through visionary philanthropy like this that we keep Barnard strong. Feuerwerger Deborah Fins Anne L. Richard Norman and Dr. Barnard H. Robbins Eund established with a gift from the estate of Dr. Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc.

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Life Insurance Barnard is happy to accept paid-up life insurance policies. In order to claim an income tax deduction for a gift of a paid-up pol- icy, you must name the College the owner and beneficiary of the policy. For other questions about gifts of life insurance, please contact the Office of Planned Giving. Bequests We encourage you to remember Barnard in your will. You may include Barnard as the beneficiary of a stated sum or specific property; as the recipient of the remainder of your estate after other legacies have been distributed; as the beneficiary of a per- centage of your residuary estate; or as a contingent beneficiary.

Lark, M. Gustafson, professor of Russian Academy of Sciences St. During all of the rest of our stay in Naples, we met twice more in the public space of Santa Lucia at sun- down, walking about until the dark settled down. We sat in his car, facing the bay, al- most silent with fear, with joy, facing the concave blackness over the sea before us with its occasional thread of moving light.

It is as though we were plotting, and per- haps we were, though there were mo- ments when it was as if we had remade the world, invented a whole new rela- tion — beyond guilt or power, ours or oth- ers, beyond seduction or surrender — and had already discovered between us some single transcendental persona that would transfigure some eventual carnal act with innocent selflessness.

In this curious world, with its ambiva- lent taste for desire gratified, maybe all se- cret lovers feel a similar complicity, as if they alone could plot the perfect, unpun- ishable crime. We would do this thing, but we would not do it carelessly. And to do it carefully, beautifully, perfectly would become a project with all the disciplined lunacy of beauty itself.

We would turn our extremity on ourselves, the selves that acted in the loveless world, shattering our old egos the way a precise blow to the face of a diamond will shatter the dia- mond, along its fault, into a dozen perfect faces. This outstanding group of women is dedi- cated to fostering The Barnard Connection around the world.

Call them if you are moving to a new community. Consult them for ideas on how to get more involved with Barnard locally or even how to start a club or book group if none exists in your area.

The Alumnae Affairs staff at Barnard is also there to help you. They will help you start Barnard activities in your area, provide mailing lists and execute mailings, arrange speakers, and share ideas.

Call them at There are undoubtedly many Barnard women in your area who share a very special bond with you. Enjoy it. Box Sea Island wsr78 juno. County Farm Rd. Tel Aviv 3 barnardta egroups. Regional groups have orga- nized a variety of new and traditional events for members of all ages and President Judith Shapiro's fall itinerary includes meetings with alumnae in Washington, DC, Baltimore, Chicago, Westchester, and London.

She will be visiting California and other areas during the winter and spring. Plans are under way for an event featuring another local author, novelist Audrey Schulman ' On December 5th, members and children will learn the basics of origami at the Smithsonian Institution. A reception for all participants will be held on January New leaders in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Cleveland are reaching out to alumnae in those areas, and the Barnard Club of San Diego has been holding successful events year-round.

Still to come is the senior class dinner on February Young Alumnae Committee chair Rachel Pauley invites suggestions for future events; call her at or rspauley aol. She recalled that press coverage of WWI never included images of soldiers killed in battle. NY Our 80th Reunion - June 2, ! We had a cottage in Yorkshire, on a acre working farm.

In two weeks there we explored the area, joined by three granddaughters and two great- grands. I hope to be at my 80th Reunion next spring. For many years our devoted class correspondent, she continued an informal corre- spondence with many of us. She will be missed. NY Our 75th Reunion - June 2, ! She is survived by three daughters, seven grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. NY We have no news to report this quarter.

Now that the cool weather is approaching, perhaps you will have time to let us know how you spent the summer. First in her class at Cornell Medical School, she was the first woman to be chief resident in medicine at New York Hospital. In the s she El Condor Pasa - Paul Mauriat - The Greatest Tunes On Earth (Vinyl, LP, Album) trips to Mississippi under the auspices of the Medical Committee for Human Rights and ran a drug treatment program in New York.

In later years she focused on care of adolescents and the in-home care of the elderly. In she moved to Brattleboro, VT, to live with her son and daughter-in-law. She is also survived by her daughter and four grandchildren. A junior high school English teacher in Teaneck, she served for twelve years on the Totowa Board of Education. She is survived by a lovely big family, including 16 great-grandchildren, and in sharing their grief we send to all our deepest condolences.

We will miss their friendship and good times of former years. May their families be consoled by knowing they will always have a special place in our hearts. Limited by macular degen- eration in recent years, she succumbed to cancer of the esophagus.

She had retired to Cape Cod and lived with her sister, Barbara Chamberlain, who sur- vives. News at our time of life is not likely to be startling, but we can relate to the interests and occupations of one another with appreciation and perhaps sympathy. She lives in Morningside Gardens, near the Barnard campus, where she sees other long- time residents. New Worlds in Old Books. In their fifty years in the business of rare books, they have brought to light many little-known treatises that have foreshadowed developments in psychology, med- icine, engineering, and science.

This book reveals many of their adventures. Information about deaths often does not reach the Alumnae Records Office until many months have gone by. If any classmate learns of a death of a mem- ber of our class, your secretary would appreciate hearing about it, so that we can pass the information along for verification and publication.

Chris would enjoy hearing from classmates who remember the years she spent as our alumnae class president. Your correspondent would like to communicate with any class member who is now in a nursing home. A published poet and a painter, she designed the covers of our Reunion booklets for many years. Always gen- erous, she also underwrote the cost of the booklets and supported many class projects.

She is survived by her son Pieter and two grandsons. Hidy Chang of the Class of is a major in economics, with a minor in sociology and a special interest in international business.

She has maintained a GPA of 3. Haviva Malina is a pre-med student with a 3. Frances was a substitute teacher for many years in West Hartford schools and taught French and Span- ish in the Institute for Living in Hartford. She was an avid bird-watcher.

Widowed inshe is survived by her son and a grandson. I now live in a Florida retirement community. Returning one day from the grocery store Team Play - Eddie Firmani - Talks To Young Athletes About Soccer (Vinyl our small bus, I noticed that the lady sitting across the aisle had on her lap a Barnard tote bag. Muriel again spent the summer on Lake George.

She sang with opera companies in Italy and with the Philadelphia Civic Opera. In later years, she lived in Princeton, where she continued to be active in church and community affairs. A world traveler who spoke five languages fluently, she visited Tibet at the age of

高校3年生の部活引退が続々と・・・・ お疲れ様です。 私たち塾の先生からすると、 生徒が日々部活をやっている光景を目. Young Black Rich and Famous - The Rise of the Workbook Gr R: Workbook, C. Firmani, J. Ford King Solomon Has a Gift for You, Peter Wohlfelder 'And The Two Shall Become One Flesh' - A Study of Traditions Bk 1 - Play and Learn (B-Flat Tenor Saxophone), Book & 2. This banner text can have markup.. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation. Apr 19,  · PENINSULA DAILY NEWS for Sunday, April 19, P A G E. A3 More nation and world news/A9-A Briefly: Nation Obama to visit Everglades on Earth Day. Charter for Young Women - Resource Pack, National Association of Clubs for Young People Better Homes and Gardens Family Planner Calendar, Zebra Publishing Rabbits Art Deco, , Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Full text of "Sub turri = Under the tower: the yearbook of Boston College" See other formats.


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  3. 高校3年生の部活引退が続々と・・・・ お疲れ様です。 私たち塾の先生からすると、 生徒が日々部活をやっている光景を目.
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    Full text of "Sub turri = Under the tower: the yearbook of Boston College" See other formats.
  5. Young Black Rich and Famous - The Rise of the Workbook Gr R: Workbook, C. Firmani, J. Ford King Solomon Has a Gift for You, Peter Wohlfelder 'And The Two Shall Become One Flesh' - A Study of Traditions Bk 1 - Play and Learn (B-Flat Tenor Saxophone), Book & 2.
  6. Apr 19,  · PENINSULA DAILY NEWS for Sunday, April 19, P A G E. A3 More nation and world news/A9-A Briefly: Nation Obama to visit Everglades on Earth Day.
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