Inci Tanem - Tarkan - 300% Turkish Dance Hits 99 (Cassette) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

The only thing it's missing is "Sikidim". It's definitely worth the money and the wait!!! Tarkan is the King of Turkish Pop!!! Great Album. Great music as always from Tarkan. A friend of mine heard this everywhere she came during her vacation in Turkey, so she bought one for me as well. This was a few months before the opening track Simarik became a big hit throughout Europe.

Tarkan proves with this CD that Turkish doesn't have to be a problem to make excellent music. A bit less ethnic and more adapted to western tastes than Natacha Atlas, but certainly not less enjoyable. Definitely one of my favourite CDs! This past summer I spent two fun-filled months is beautiful Istanbul, Turkey. I'm not Turkish, but I loved everything about the country. Then While I was watching a turkish version of MTV a video came on that at first made me roll with laughter.

The way Tarkan danced was at first something I found quite amusing. As listened more I was hooked. I still found him funny, but I had to have the cd before I left Turkey. So I bought Olurum Sana. I took it home and played it for everyone. At first everyone laughed, but then soon after they too got hooked. His music is catchy and different and even though a lot of us can't understand a word of it, it still is amazing music.

I'm starting a Tarkan Crew at my school and I'm sure he's going to catch on. I also saw him on an interview in which he said he was going to record an english album. My partner Jane and I first heard this album on a gulet holiday in July 99, where it was played most evenings - so by the end we could sing most of the songs without the album.

We were tempted to buy it there but resisted, only to hear Simarik on London Capital Radio a few weeks later albeit transmitted over a mobile phone - it's a long story. I then ordered it from Amazon. We were hooked by this album's blend of Turkish rhythm, phrasing and orchestration with a very western pop production style. Fortunately, Tarkan does not suffer from the Eurovision overacting syndrome but has a powerful and expressive voice. I am sure this disc could break into UK mainstream but they would probably have to do an English version - a shame.

Try it for yourself. Tarkan is my favorite musician right now. I listen to this album all the time, especially the first song, "Simarik".

I just never get sick of it, even though I play it over and over! It helps that I know Turkish though not perfectly because then I get the little nuances of his insanely sexy lyrics, but you certainly don't need to speak the language to get the message from his wonderfully expressive voice! This album and his other big album "Aacayipsin" are very highly recommended. I can't wait for his new album, coming soon! See all reviews from the United States. Top international reviews. Translate all reviews to English.

Love, love, love this music! Bought this as a cassette years ago and just upgraded to CD. I'm a bit behind the times but recently rediscovered my love for Turkish pop.

Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again. I have every Tarkan cd, I've just bought this on cd as mine was originally on cassette and my tape player doesn't work anymore! I don't understand the songs but the music is a good listen. Great music from Tarkan fromincluding the original 'Kiss Kiss Song' which was ruined a couple of years later by Holly Valence. Great songs, great memories. I like the CD.

Load more international reviews. Product as described. Lovely light, bubbly music. My girls have have lots of fun dancing around to this music, as do I too. Ich wollte immer schon die Tarkanplatte haben und vor allem das Titellied hat es mir angetan. Was will man mehr? Translate review to English.

You've read the top international reviews. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Ahde Vefa. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. In a press conference here, Hundt, 49, said that he has tendered his resignation to Presi- dent Clinton — who nominated him almost four years ago — and is leaving to spend more time with his family.

He added that he will remain until a replacement is found. Hundt also said that neither Clinton, administration officials, nor members of Con- gress had pressured him to leave. Indeed, Hundt was an irritant to several congres- sional officials and faced accusations that he was dragging his feet over implementation of the deregulatory-minded Telecommunica- tions Act, passed in February He also nettled broadcasters with his insis- tence on strengthening public interest stan- dards, even as many regulations governing communications industries were being relaxed.

Specifically, radio wrestled with Hundt over the tender topic of prohibitions or limits on beer, wine, and hard-liquor ads and pro- posed increases in public affairs program- ming, while TV has been unhappy because of Hundt's support of V-chip legislation and his interpretation of new digital TV spectrum rules. Both industries frown upon his support of free political advertising over the airwaves. The direct impact of his exit on the FCC and the industry remains unclear when cou- pled with the previously announced depar- tures of commissioners James Quello and Rachel Chong.

Meanwhile, Susan Ness fills a fourth seat, while the fifth, once occupied by Andrew Barrett, has remained empty for well over a year. Thus, with three members of the four-seat commission soon changing, there is little doubt a formidable new set of priorities will pervade Inci Tanem - Tarkan - 300% Turkish Dance Hits 99 (Cassette) agency.

One Republi- can seat remains open, which one insider says the administration will use as political ammu- nition to possibly aid the confirmation of Hundt's successor. There is talk that Ness may be elevated to the chairman seat, which would not require Senate confirmation. In any case, a highly placed telecommuni- cations industry player predicts that the next-generation FCC — because it is begin- ning its term after passage of the Telecom Act — will enter with a deregulatory mind- set.

He adds, however, that "with each administration, there have been grad- ual changes over years. It will probably con- tinue to be that way. Nation- al Assn. Fritts, who often publicly bumped heads with the chairman, offers, "While we always haven't agreed with chairman Hundt, we have enjoyed his competitive spirit and the robust debate that he engendered by bring- ing a full marketplace of ideas to the table. He is arrested, charged with espionage, and sentenced to 18 years in a Chinese prison.

His name is Ngawang Choephel, and he is in prison, in his own country, for attempting to hold onto a tradition of musical expression: 4.

Aria: Belta Spietata - Vivaldi* - The Masterworks (CD) tradition. His story offers an enlightening reminder of China's appreciation for the artist.

As should this: Another man, Hou Bejian, born in Taiwan inrecords a hit song that changes the face of Chinese popular music. On June 2,he takes part in a hunger strike during pro-democracy protests in Tiananmen Square. In JuneChinese authorities put him on a Taiwan fishing boat and force him to return to Taiwan, where he was given seven months in prison for illegal entry. The music industry is just as eager as everyone else to make a buck from the emerg- ing Chinese market.

It is difficult to argue with economists and capitalists when attempting to come to terms with a Inci Tanem - Tarkan - 300% Turkish Dance Hits 99 (Cassette) with such potential as China. Ever on the lookout for something new, something untried, China has emerged within the last several years as a most desirable business partner. It is the newest, and most popular, kid on the block. As a result, the global community is more than willing to discard China's record of human rights abuses in the name of con- tinued trade relations.

What many people have chosen to ignore is the apparent conflict of interest in attempt- ing to expand the business of music into one of the most restrictive and censorious soci- eties in the world. Throughout its history, the music industry has repeatedly taken a stand for the rights of individuals and has, in the United States, championed people's right to freedom of expression.

When artists have come under attack for lyrics that offended the sensibilities of the status quo, the music indus- try has been there to defend them. The con- cern for everyone's right to free expression has been a hallmark of this business for years. What, then, will be the industry's role in a country like China, which has a fully censored press and no regard for individual freedoms? How will the industry deal with songwriters and performers whose work has been deemed "politically sensitive" or "splittist"?

As China develops into a major economic power, it is not enough for us to sit back and wait for those freedoms that we enjoy in America to simply become part of Chinese society. We must take every opportunity we can to proactively encourage these freedoms. This is not simply the business of politicians. It is the responsi- bility of corporations as well — particularly those that have stood for these rights in the past. Therefore, if global record companies can act in a responsible manner and encourage a climate more conducive to freedom of expres- sion in China, then they should proceed with their expansion.

If the values that have been the backbone of the industry for years can be translated into a society whose present gov- ernment has no regard for those values, then the industry will indeed play a positive role in China. But if the industry's role is simply to make money while the freedoms of the individual continue to suffer, then careful consideration should be given.

It would be highly hypocrit- ical and damaging to the music industry's credibility to tout the values of free expres- sion here in America and, at the same time, willingly participate in censorship abroad.

Consumers and musicians have begun to announce themselves on the political land- scape. As young people across the country have risen up to participate in social activism, Inci Tanem - Tarkan - 300% Turkish Dance Hits 99 (Cassette), there is a growing number of conscientious record buyers who have not forgotten that the vitality of music is the freedom of expression; that it is a right.

It is not a luxury. They have heard, often through music, sto- ries of people forbidden the freedoms that we take for granted. And they have Inci Tanem - Tarkan - 300% Turkish Dance Hits 99 (Cassette) to do something about it.

They are becoming involved in their communities. They are reg- istering to vote. And they have come to under- stand what it means to be a responsible mem- ber of our society and are encouraging others to do the same. The rewards of responsibly doing business and of acknowledging the ini- tiative and drive of these record buyers will increase the credibility of the music business and will demonstrate the industry's loyalty and respect. Fortunately, it's very early in the game.

Despite the seductive powers of profit, the music industry should not forget what is vital about music. It should not forget that when the opportunity arises to make decisions in which this vitality is a factor, it should be the guiding factor.

As record buyers continually find themselves at a loss for good news, let them say that their music is pure, and that this, at least, is still true. The enduring solo artist's latest effort on Columbia Records, "Hour- glass" — his first album since 's " Live " — blasts onto The Billboard at No.

We've found that many of the albums that seem to be hanging on these days are just such adult records. His last 10 albums, going back tohave all been best sellers: three of them gold, five plat- inum, and two multiplatinum.

His top- selling set, 's "Greatest Hits," moved 11 million copies. Such success should further quell the oft-cited belief that plus buy- ers — logically representing Taylor's core — aren't steady music consumers. The Recording Industry Assn. He's sort of become cool again. The company opened its first over- seas office in San Francisco May Shock co-managing director David V2 Revs Up. Critically acclaimed musical adventurers Mercury Rev have signed a worldwide deal with V2 Records.

The band is recording its debut album for V2, which expects to release it later this year. Kate Hyman. Also in the celebration are Hyman's dogs. Interscope Sued By Trauma Cos. It alleges that Inter- scoj e perpetrated fraud, breach of con- tract, and extortion Billboard Bulletin, May According to the suit, Interscope reneged on an agreement made in that allowed No Doubt to join Trauma's roster.

Meanwhile, "Tragic Kingdom" has sold more than 6. The suit says that Interscope announced to Trauma in February that it did not consider No Doubt a Trauma act, acting on a premeditated plot, the suit continues, to deny "that it had assigned No Doubt's recording con- tract to Trauma in the event that Trau- ma developed No Doubt into a suc- cessful band, in order to fraudulently induce Trauma to contribute its hard work and genius without compensa- tion.

As a result we've prob- ably lost out on a few good opportu- nities. We're cur- rently attracting a lot of U. Up to four staffers are expected to be added in San Francisco in the next few years. The first expected releases are skatecore act Frenzal Rhomb and pop band Glide, which has toured the U. Coinciding with its move into the U. UMG's dealings with Kurfirst have already proved successful.

Doug Morris have "a good musical and personal rela- tionship. Universal Records will market, promote, and sell Radiouni- verse titles. There are no immediate announce- ments regarding staffing for Radiouni- verse, which Kurfirst says will start small and grow as needed.

Kurfirst adds that the imprint was developed in part to help stem a flood of product from Radioactive into the MCA pipeline. The best way to describe Gary is a soulful record man who really takes the part of his artists. I've never seen a person as reflective of an artist's needs as he is. Louis industrial pop act that previously issued an EP on Radioactive. Also sliding over from the Radioac- tive roster to Radiouniverse is Dig. Other Radiouniverse acts include for- mer Capitol Records group the Devlins, who are expected to have a new album in the fall, and an Irish band called Tyzle Fly.

Some of those concerns are appar- ent in a May 22 lawsuit filed by veter- an music video director Marty Callner and his production company. Cream Cheese Films Inc. The suit, filed in Los Angeles Supe- rior Court, seeks reimbursement of pre-production expenses, legal costs, and undetermined damages, following a terminated oral agreement to pro- duce two clips for the band's "Hole In My Soul," which is taken from Aero- smith's Columbia album "Nine Lives.

The suit also alleges that Laister "engaged in conduct designed to sabotage [the] plaintiff s relationship with Aerosmith. Unfortunately, however, despite a number of discussions with Marty and his submission of several ideas, ulti- mately none of them were appropriate for this particular song, and so the band was forced to go elsewhere.

Major gift bags and tee prizes, a beautiful course and a guaranteed good time have made this a spectacular event for over a dozen years. CA An encore event The incredible silent auction will wow everyone with packages for all budgets. The T. Don't miss this special presentation. Studio City. To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Rock 'n' Charity events. This fabulous favorite started it all! The vintage bowling alley at the Sports Center in Studio City right next to Jerry's Deli will be our home for bowling.

In-n-Out burgers and big birthday surprises! Sponsorships for Golf, Hollywood Park and Bowling are available. Please call the Martell Bogart offioe for more Information, invitations, or tickets at The album features returning mem- bers Terry Ellis, Cindy Herron, and Maxjne Jones and includes vocals on selected tracks by Dawn Robinson, who left the group for a solo career with Aftermath Entertainment. Herron says the loss of a voice that had been with the act since its incep- tion posed a challenge.

It has sold more than 3. It reached No. But being point man for several of the music's aesthetic shifts, the trumpeter courted controversy just as frequently as he generated inspiration.

The impact of the music, radical at the time of its creation, hasn't withered a bit, the label believes. Listen back at it now, and it really sounds futuristic. I don't think there's been such a striking change in the music since. Those who protested social inequity found a defiant and distinctive soundtrack for their actions in Miles' electric onslaught Continued on page 88 Charlatans U. To Invade U. In Britain the new set has already provided another dramatic upturn in the band's extraordinary story.

Signed in the U. It never materialized, and by the time of its third album, 's "Up To Our Hips," the modern rock outfit's for- tunes were at a low ebb, only to revive spectacularly in Britain with a self- titled set that catapulted it back to No. But even then, fate had anoth- er cruel twist in store: Last July, dur- ing the recording of "Tellin' Stories," keyboard player Rob Collins was killed in a road accident Released in the U. Adds bassist Mar- tin Blunt "In the crowd, there's a lot of people who were with us from the start who've grown with us, and a lot of new faces as well.

All involved are betting on the radiant single "Everybody Knows" to win the U. First profiled outside the Benelux as part of Billboard's Nov. Excelsior released "Johan" and a preview single, "Swing," to acclaim in December, and the band has toured clubs and shops in the Netherlands and Belgium inces- santly, as well as done the rounds of live radio and TV. All the hard work paid off with a plumb second- stage slot at the largest rock festi- val in the Netherlands, Pink Pop.

More than 50, people attended the three-day mid-May affair, which also had Marilyn Manson and Republica on the second stage and the likes of Beck, Bush, and Live on the main platform. From the glorious hooks of "Everybody Knows" to the lacon- ic groove of "Brown Mice," the track "Johan" brims with smart, soulful songwriting and the noisy, push-and-pull feel of a true rock band.

The set also includes the songwriting talents of Babyface and the production of James Mtume, but the majority of the album was co-produced and co-written by the Haileys. Their work is published by EMI.

I don't know how it will all shake out, but it feels pretty good going in," Mahal says. On "Senor Blues," his 36th album, Mahal continues his lifelong journey to expose listeners to the rich and diverse strains of the African-Amer- ican musical canon. It's sharing what I have and what I know with others," he says.

Rounder collected Indies trophies in the adult contemporary and bluegrass categories, while its distributed imprints Upstart and Ashe triumphed in the Americana and Latin categories, respectively. After a relatively brisk presentation at the convention in Baltimore, the '97 banquet and awards presentation clocked in at some VA hours. Sometimes, though, I wish their tracks were a little bit more creative.

I [manipulate] the samples and make my own pat- terns. So the sampler becomes my instrument" Over the thick tracks of tuneful thump that are, by turns, mind-mas- saging and rugged-rough, Cru goes marauding for listeners' ears with a trunkful of pop-cult references, colorful street-wise narratives, and such off- beat metaphors as "Flip the script like an angry actor.

Carlisle will perform his hit single, "Butterfly Kiss- es. Nobody knows where the band's been or what they've been doing, so the new album is bringing them to promi- nence again. A live album, "20th Anniversary Concert," came out on Flying Fish in He was director of alternative promotion. He was senior director of marketing for Warner Bros. Legacy in New York appoints Tom Cording senior director of media rela- tions and Jeff Walker manager of media relations.

They were, respec- tively, senior director of publicity for Relativity Records and senior account executive for Shore Fire Media. They were, respectively, national alternative director at EMI, national alternative director at Atlantic Records, and promotion assis- tant at Discovery Records. They were, respec- tively, director of metal promotion at McGathy Promotions and senior pub- licist at Myers Media. He was creative director at All Nations Music.

He was funds transfer product manager with the Swiss Bank Corp. They were, respec- tively, assistant controller and senior financial analyst. He was director of event marketing. Exhale Shoop Shoop Babyface 5.

Fantasy Mariah Carey 6. Forever Mariah Carey 7. Take A Bow Babyface Water Runs Dry Babyface Wonderwall Noel Gallagher Oasis You Gotta Be Des'ree 1 7. Personal Touch. Winning Feeling. Whereas 's "Give Out But Don't Give Up" contained music to match the neon confederate flag on the cover, "Vanishing Point," due July 15, is a more diverse combination of fast- paced soul and hypnotic techno dance music. The Glasgow, Scotland, quintet's fifth full-length album, named for a movie about a drugged-up ex-racer driving from Denver to San Francisco, sounds like the delayed follow-up to 's "Screamadelica.

With electronic music gaining media attention and a foothold at MTV, Reprise officials say "Vanishing Point" will be much easier to sell than the album. I think some people did, to be honest with you," says Linnea Nan, Reprise director of artist development and cre- ative marketing.

Atlantic will release the self-titled debut by the Canadian roots-based trio JulyS. I could have stood there for the rest of my life. However, as Germaise takes pains to point out, the Wide Mouth Mason is not a pure blues act. Great players, no songs. This band has great songs. King, Muddy Waters, and Buddy Guy, he also empha- sizes that his trio isn't a blues act.

Audiences there, who are also fans of Eric Clap- ton and Jimi Hendrix, were into all our Continued on page 56 rehearsal room. For People You Were Going To album, we felt we had to record quick- ly and capture the moment and keep it rough and ready and raw. That's what we learned: Capture the moment "The notes aren't perfect, but this time we wanted to get the feeling," Gillespie continues.

We fucked up last time by forgetting that. The members of Megadeth take a break from hosting a listening party for their new album, "Cryptic Writings," at L. Five songs in the collection have never been re- leased before, including the uplifting ballad "Don't Lose Heart," which Trata De Te Posicionar - Kalaf + Type - A Fuga.

(CD, Album) be worked to AC radio. For Fogelberg, compiling the project was a somewhat daunting task. When asked if he was awed by his body of work over the past quarter-century, he bursts into laughter, replying, "Oh, good God, no.

I was awed by the verbosity of it and the length of it. It's a lot of words and a lot of notes. You finish one [project] and you're onto the next and continue working, so I've never seen it as a whole body of work before, but for the most part, I came away feeling pretty good about it" The four-CD set is packaged in a handsome slipcover and includes an impressive page booklet with an essay detailing Fbgelberg's musical history, as well as enjoyable, informative song annotations by Fogelberg.

I think the audience will enjoy it especially the ballads. If you're going to have a makeout session, put that side on. If you want to barbecue, put on the rock side. Those songs are the most adventurous; they're all like five or six minutes long, and they go a lot of different places. They're not that personal. When you look at my oeuvre in the s, it really has been political and spiritual and philosophical. I haven't said a lot about my personal life.

I did enough of that for 20 years. I've really kind of covered that. It seems like I almost write prophetically. It's scary," he says. I'd never even been married, right?

We've always had a good working rela- tionship. It wasn't a troublesome parting. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next. I think I still have a future in recording. He admits to feeling a renewed vigor toward playing live after he had to cancel dates last year following a finger injury. I'm approaching this tour with a whole new enthusiasm," he says. She can be reached at Capitol Records and Paul Westerberg continue to hammer out a deal to bring the former Replacement to the label, although no contract has been signed.

A representative for Salem, Mass. District Court in Los Angeles found the brewery guilty of plagiarizing the song in a commercial. Jeff Buckley has begun recording his new album in Memphis, co-producing with Andy Wallace. The set is being projected as an early '98 release.

UB40 will launch a U. Ear- ache has signed English Dogs, a U. The L. Slater also owns Clean Slate, for which the May- pole album is the label's second offer- ing following Apple's "Tidal. We want to sell records, too, but we're not making them because we think we're so fucking artistic.

The [musical] landscape has definitely changed since our last album," says Ellis, who record- ed her EastWest solo debut, "Southern Gal," in So we didn't change a lot, style-wise. The single peaked at No. Elektra marketing director U. Jayson Jackson says that "Don't Let Go Love " "was the most influential element of our setup and a prime indi- cator of what to expect from the album.

It received 3,1 19 detections on stations for the week ending May 26, according to Broadcast Data Sys- tems. Written and produced by Babyface, "Whatever" is slated for retail release in July. The single is accompanied by a pow- erfully visual video that was directed by longtime En Vogue collaborator Matthew Ralston. The clip was ser- viced May 14 to local and national out- lets. It depicts the trio in a surreal plas- tic surgeon's office, clad in eye-catching makeup and costuming — all of which makes for an intentional parody of makeover overkill.

Jackson says that although the clip is a departure from the act's glam- orous, high-fashion Inci Tanem - Tarkan - 300% Turkish Dance Hits 99 (Cassette) image, it has spurred significant conversation around the industry and among con- sumers.

Discussions concerning the merits of the clip have kept phones ringing. According to the suit, Interscope threatened Trauma to end its relation- ship with No Doubt or be denied funds from Interscope. Based on information from unspeci- fied sources, the suit alleges that Inter- scope owners Field and Iovine are claiming No Doubt is signed solely to Interscope to enhance another buy-out agreement they are discussing with another company.

The suit also says sources have reported that Interscope has renegoti- ated a contract with No Doubt without Trauma's knowledge. According to Trauma's lawyer, Skip Miller, some of these sources are Inter- scope employees. Representatives from Interscope could not be reached for comment by press time.

In addition, the O'Donnell appearance will be repeated the week of the album's release. On June 18, the trio — which is man- aged by the Left Bank Organization, Days Of Our Lives - Travis - Turn (CD) in Los Angeles — will be featured in ad spot wraparounds If You Go Away - Various - Music Makers (Vinyl, LP) the WB Network's prime-time programs.

On-air appearances will be backed by an extensive print advertising cam- paign that will surround the album's Shock's move into the U. The Sydney band performs in Japan this year after dates through Southeast Asia territories. Williams says he expects more Shock acts will be licensed through Quattro in Rupee - Tempted To Touch (Vinyl) future.

In recent months, Shock has taken on Australian distribution for U. Dance has domestically proved its biggest growth area. According to dance manager Nick Dunshea, it con- release. En Vogue ads are slated to appear in Time, People, Vibe, and Jet The label plans to send the act on a nonperforming promotional tour of radio and retail beginning June 16 in New York. The tour is scheduled to stop in Washington, D.

An En Vogue tour, which will be booked through William Morris, is like- ly to follow, but there were no firm plans at press time. The label sent En Vogue on an inter- national promotional tour May 18 that ran until Sunday 1. Says Jackson, " 'Don't Let Go Love ' has laid the groundwork for their new album in international territories, just like it's doing here. We're backing that up with radio and television appear- ances as they travel abroad.

All three went platinumunits. University ot Net-add Reno Kim v. April 26 SUfrt. J4I w. Ore May IS Tens I Boxs cores should be submitted to: Marie Ratii'1.

For research information and pricing, call Marie Ratliff, The album's first single is a pop ditty called "Gold- enman," fresh off the soundboard from Fresno, Calif. The song came to the attention of Morgan Creek and Edel courtesy of a Hawaii-based radio promoter who was just passing along a cool independent album he'd received Hard Row - The Black Keys - Live In Austin, Texas (DVD) the mail, says Edel president Jonathan First.

A music video is in the works that intersperses scenes with the band members and the actors. And as for Spies, they've experienced a little coming of age themselves. The group has recently signed to Edel Records America, with a new studio album planned for late-summer release. This time around, the label shipped five of the album's 12 tracks to various radio formats to help generate an early buzz. Ironi- cally, "My Dream" was not the song Shaggy originally wanted to include on the album.

His first choice was the first single from his upcoming album, a cover of the Verona Franklin rock- er "Piece Of My Heart," which was immortalized by Janis Joplin. In a strange soundtrack twist, Shaggy says, that song ironically was declared off-limits to "Speed" because it is being used in a forthcoming Joplin biopic. Happy with his second choice, Shaggy says that "Speed 2" is the perfect means to keep up momentum from his recently concluded tour and set up his upcoming solo project.

He also co-wrote the score for "Con Air" with longtime pal Trevor Rabin. The CD sleeve folds out into a four-panel prehistoric jungle scene that features pop-up cutouts of T-Rex and three of his dino pals. His relationships are second to none," says Thomas D. Brunman, who is based in Sony's Santa Monica, Calif. DiFranco's participa- tion marks the major-label debut for the staunchly independent artist whose albums are released on her own Right- eous Babe label.

Brunman says it's too early to tell whether the title will go through Epic Soundtrax or Sony Music Soundtrax, or whether Epic Soundtrax will be absorbed into the new entity. He points to the increasingly preva- lent link between music and movies and sees a number of signs that point to continuing success for both sides. To cite another example, "Product's" first single, "Con- crete Shoes," evolved from and expands upon the recent Nicaraguan conflict, while, odd as it may sound, deriving emotionally from the first time the writer heard the Eagles on the radio.

IBut 'Concrete Shoes'! But it's only one of several songs that Baus- man considers single-worthy. Cassette sam- plers containing "Concrete Shoes" and "Clearance Sale 6 Years " were given away during the band's April tour with the Wallflowers. The CD also includes CD Extra material, including video, graphics, and text, as well as a free day trial with the Earthlink Internet provider.

Having seen Maypole win over unfa- miliar audiences with its "super-tight" live act, Bausman now anticipates sim- ilar response at upcoming Creative Artists Agency-booked dates. Noting that Miller and the Wallflowers' Jakob Dylan have been friends since child- hood, she reports that Dylan has pledged to help as much as he can with additional support slots. Maxwell receives a plaque certifying sales of 1 million units for his Columbia Records debut, "Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite.

This form may be duplicated - please type or print clearly. Make all payments to Billboard Magazine. Confirmation will be sent via mail - please allow 10 days! Michigan Avenue For reservations, please call Please be sure to state that you're with Billboard's Dance Music Summit to receive discounted rate.

Registration Bag Inserts- ull Michele Jacangelo at to Call Michele Jacangelo at to inquire about cost, quantity and shipping details. TiifiiT 5. When an album reaches this level, the album and ttve artist's subsequent albums are Immedi- ately ineligible to appear on the Heatseeliers chart. Why would Capitol shy away Cru Rev-lew.

The act's debut album, "Da Dirty 30," is an innovative and expan- sive mix of 30 songs and skits that bows June 1 0. According to Capitol Nash- ville VP of publicity Lorie Lytle, it was a matter of fol- lowing up on a promise made to country radio last year by label president Scott Hendricks. Its self-titled debut bowed in the U. April In lieu of ap- proaching radio, Capitol has formulat- ed a mainly non- radio plan for the act, which the label sign- ed after already com- mitting to work new acts River Road and Dean Miller at radio.

Included in the plan will be a grass- roots approach bor- rowed from a page Big Time (Mix Show) - Sarah Connor - Bounce (Dance Mix) (CD) the rock'n'roll text- book. Multiple visits to tour markets with an emphasis on local press and retail are aimed at taking advantage of the act's charis- matic and lively stage presence.

Capitol Nashville VP of sales John Rose says that the label has aggressively handed out sampler cassettes at clubs and retail. The artist, whose album "Words" bows July 15, is cur- rently in the middle of a week major-market promo- tional tour. Sister Hue Somewtwe More Familiar 5. OMC How Bizarre 6. Tammy Graham Tammy Graham 9. Fear Factory Reman ufacture Allure Allure 2. OMC How Bizarre 3.

Trecey Lm Many Facez 7. Mi rim Amertcan Psycrto 8. Kmito Mendti El Descrato 9. NuYoocen Soul NuYorican Soul any album, while another allowed movie patrons to exchange their ticket stub at a local retailer for a sampler. Still yet another promotion called for placing tent cards in venues where the act would be playing.

Those cards, which were filled out and exchanged for a sampler cassette, have helped Capitol Nashville build a healthy database for the band, says Rose.

The label will also work the act heavily at video channels. While Lytle admits that the band, which proudly wears its rock influences on its sleeve, could be a somewhat non-tradi- tional fit at country radio, she is confident that the act will even- tually break through.

Some stations had already began spinning the single from a promotional CD polybagged with recent issues of Virtually Alterna- tive. The band will be fea- tured on the W. R tour beginning in July. Their latest album, "Helioself," was re- leased May 6. Payday's O. Premiere produced three tracks on "Uewelz.

Increasing attention to socially relevant and less-graph- ic love lyrics, along with solid song construction in addi- tion to the prerequisite soul beats and rhythmsis appearing with greater frequency on artist debuts. This renaissance soul movement should facilitate an easier acceptance of quality recording acts whose previous releases did not garner commercial success, such as Vir- gin's Brigette McWilliams, Mecca Don's Michael Speaks, and Elektra's Family Stand — all of whom have sets slated for the next quar- ter.

Rap also seems to be adjust- ing its thematic course. More though t-provoking lyrical con- tent is apparent from such hip-hop acts as Craig Mack and Boogie Monsters Bill- board, May There have been other telling barome- ters: Dr.

Another and more subtle indication that the rap climate is changing is rapper-turned-actor Will Smith's move back to recording. He also stars in the film. Smith's move to record again is interesting given that, as the Fresh Prince, he and Jazzy Jeff recorded fun rap songs — a style that in recent years has been out of step with prevailing consumer tastes.

The direction of Smith's debut Columbia set remains uncertain, but it's unlikely he'd come with a hardcore ditty — it would be suicide for his multimillion dollar Amer- ican hero box office image.

Thus, the tone of the set will likely be in a less-serious win, supporting the notion that hip-hop consumers are in the mood for something differ- ent Bad IS GOOD: Ten-time Grammy-nominated song- by J. Lambert says that the industry's difficult sales climate was a factor in opening up shop with Babylon, which is independently distributed through M. The time was right to start the label, because everyone was looking for some- thing different, creatively.

But [the label] didn't haw the mar- keting and promotion re- sources that I would have liked. He says that after raising the start-up money, finding the right kind of acts became the challenge.

At the same time, I want to continue being part of something new and fresh. The label has three acts signed. The label is focusing on 17 mar- kets as it prepares to release Spank's set, "Let's Go Party," July 8. Lambert plans to attack the underground hip-hop com- munity hard and promises that the artist's set will be interesting.

Once it's up and running, Lambert plans for Babylon to haw a roster of about six to eight artists, releasing four Continued on page 22 jack swing. Since then. Having weathered the ups and downs on various fronts of the music business, Bub felt it was time to get back to basics. I think this is the best album I've ever done. Me and Teddy [Riley] took our time with this one. Serviced to radio in early May, the single features Queen Latifah and Heavy D and is the sole uptempo track on the ballad-driven "Timeless.

The clip for "Need Your Love," which will be serviced to video out- lets at the end of June, features the three artists racing to a party: Bub is in a helicopter, Latifah drives a Porsche, and Heavy D rides a four- wheeled motorcycle.

The video is important, because it shows him dancing and having fun. At press time, no tour dates had been scheduled, and no booking agent has been selected. M V D Available now! Circle Dr. Li t -i. RecoftJingl Industfy Assn. Tape prices marked EQ. Heatseeker Impact shows albums removed from Heatseekers this week H indicates past or present Heatseeker title.

Record Prices. Although the movie was able to secure an "R" rating from the Motion Picture Assn. Therefore, the fdm will be released Tuesday 3 as a sell-through-priced video. It is the first soundtrack from a direct-to-video movie to chart in Billboard his- tory. Sales for "I Got Next" were more than double that of his self-titled last album, which scanned 44, units when it debuted in the Oct 28,issue. According to the label, the artist has been actively expanding his fan base since then.

One week before the album's official May 27 street date, the group per- formed on the May 20 edition of "Late Show With David Letterman" as well as on the Essence Awards, televised May Both TV shots fell dur- ing the tracking period that ran Maywhich are reflected in this issue's chart. With more than 4, units scanned in the overall Sound- Scan panel, the set also debuts at No. She notes that initial reaction on God's Property is stronger than Franklin's three previous releases.

Since the label feels that gospel is somewhat of a niche market, there will be no commercial single. Howev- er, even without sales points, the radio audience alone would place the song at No. MSM w, M -i. The vocalist is on a national promotional tour, visiting local high schools and retailers, in support of "Everything You Want," his debut album.

As an independent songwriter and producer, Lambert has two tracks on "Shelter," the latest album by the Brand New Heavies. He also con- tributed tracks on Moody Blues lead singer Justin Hayward's solo project. Rehabilitation Fund. The fund was established after Clark, an African-American Chicago youth, was knocked from his bike and savagely beaten into a coma March Lambert, 13, has since emerged from the coma.

Three white teens were arrested in the attack, which Chicago police have said was racially motivat- ed, according to published reports. Raging bull has signed rap artist Domino. Rap Crew. Priority rapper Ant Banks lines up with his posse during a break from filming a TV spot for his upcom- ing album "Big Thangs," scheduled for release in July.

Pictured, from left, are commercial producer Mark Cas- tro, director G. IK -Mil- A'. Cl Dl IT! V ; 3'-:ii. A R1AA certification for sales of 1 million units.

Catalog no is for cassette single. D CD single availability. M Cassette maxi single availability. T vinyl maxi-singie availability. V Vinyl single availability X CD maxi single availability. OE JVE. Vt ,T F! L 1 ,:,L. Sheet Music Dist. BMiyWamer Chappell.

C SiBs. Tunti Groove. R B4 GO-D. BMLPay Town. Warner Tarnertsne. BeyTjnd Bourdanes. BMlrO Baby. Vusk Coqicfatnn 01 Amenta. F D flat. TT taaj. AFaa-iAKa F. A:-' Ell, 31 40 1! Enck Sermon. Myslery System. Way 2 Qwh. BMW G. It's the first record to take the idea of Phil Spector's Wall of Sound and deliver a 1 urban to mainstream hit to radio. I have never heard a production that sounded this full. H L[ V i,''! B AGEE. T RllEn CI!

L MA'. OL E v'l'. CI -lii : AS. K GEE. T BELL. M L3Ri. REEO H. T WtjVtMJ'. M ROSS. GLGL J;'. Catalog number is for cassette single. C Cassette single availability, D CD single availability.

V Vinyl single avaiiatwhty, X CO maxi smgle availability. Communications and SoundScan. According to leaders in that community, an increasing number of indie stores are embracing SoundScan — once viewed by many as an enemy to smaller stores. Retail's record attendance at Impact's Super Summit XI in Miami in April sent a strong message to the rest of the industry concerning that business sector's growing importance and recognition of the eco- nomic clout that it has always possessed.

With the continuing proliferation of the various independent retail coalitions that began springing up about five years ago nationwide, the political clout that these urban cartels carry in the music indus- try will no doubt continue to swell. The collaborative efforts appear to be driven by executives' under- standing that no man in this business is an island and that, given the proper circum- stances read: no hit recordseveryone is expendable -especially black executives, who in many quarters are apparently viewed as disposable goods.

The sprouting peer camaraderie among colleagues seems greatest in New York, where it is logistically easier to come together, as opposed to in Los Angeles, where geograph- ical distance creates problems with time — a commodity that all executives find is in short supply. At the same time, more tenured acts such as Patti LaBelle.

Jody Watley and BeBe Winans continue to toe the line. Many acts being signed are multi-talented, offering wnting, singing and live performing skills, in addition to good looks. Although constantly on guard against their competitors, many stations, such as KJLH Los Angeles and KPRS Kansas I Am What I Am - Mark Owen - Green Man (CD, Album), are leading the charge to broaden playlists that include nontraditional music relatively speaking such as gospel, jazz, and blues, during all dayparts.

These promising moves could ultimately lead to a return to tfie days when black radio was a community beacon, with DJs voicing influential opinions concerning social and political issues affecting urban communities. This is how we do it. Both lists represent the accumulated chart points earned by each title for each week spent on the applicable chart. Top RftB Alliums Pos. When it works, it's worth it. Inci Tanem - Tarkan - 300% Turkish Dance Hits 99 (Cassette) article was prepared by J.

Or will many U. George Levendis, marketing manager for Arista Records U. Adds Lyn, "Trie people I deal with are going to be my voice when they go back to their respective companies, and hopefully the syner- gy we have is enough to bypass any cultural differences.

That's another example of how the two sides have come together. Among the challenges that SMG's Heinz Henn domestic and international executives face in working togeth- er are issues of product packaging, presentation and the remixing of original tracks to suit specific markets. Says Durgan, "The biggest conflict is usually over the time that an act has to work in the international marketplace. In the recent U. Sometimes [his transatlantic colleagues] couldn't understand why we had to do house mixes on things.

Blige was difficult. Then when we started having hits, they began to understand. Our relationship with them is excellent," he con- tinues, "and going backwards and forwards to the States as I have, we are actually consulted now about what will work in our market, and being involved from the demo stage on records.

Says Lyn, 'The American office is wise enough to realize that radio is an integral part of breaking a record in the U. He further stresses that the domestic crossover strategy is a litmus test for all genres. Durgan agrees with Lott's assessment, commenting, "If you want to get the really big sales numbers, some [inter- national territory] executives will say, 'Give me the Billboard [mainstream] charts.

The bottom line, accord- ing to Durgan, is that domestic executives should remember not to compare their methods and numbers at the interna- tional level. The delay resulted in anemic non-U. Epic international marketing senior director Scott Greer says long-term plan- ning and communication have been key in setting up debut Yab Yum vocalist Laurnea, slated for international release in June.

In February, we took advance CDs, four-color visuals and initial marketing to a big meeting with our counterparts from international territories. Our com- mon goal is for her to become more than just a singles artist. Sometimes, this kind of direct contact can be very helpful. It's very important that Columbia U. If I see that France is giving away inch singles with every Maxwell album, I might be interested in doing the same in Holland. Maxwell and Puff Johnson were in Holland at the right time, when their singles were doing well at radio and sales-wise.

These artists and their management are committed to tour [in Europe]," he says. Crane credits his label's own enthusiasm in working with Avex executives as a reason for the increasing international interest in Pan Disc product. The executive lauds European executives for being open-minded, creatively.

According to Baron, Hall's show was more interested in turning audiences on to all types of music, whereas late-night shows like David Letterman's, Jay Leno's and Conan O'Bnen's cater to a much older demographic and don't want to risk turning audiences off with music or artists their demos may not like.

Natalie's' is great, but I still don't think it gives you the same type of exposure you had with Arsenio. At RCA Black Music, our passion for music is only overshadowed by our passion for artist development. Approaching Platinum. Debut album Gold! New album features performances by Snoop and all of today's hottest rappers. SWV is definitely taking it back to the streets in ' Major press and TV blitz to follow.

Album coming June 24th. Album this summer. LL Cool J. Damage's first "official" single, "Anything," edged into the lower half of the U. That helped dispel the tag of Jodeci- wannabees. Another top 10 hit, "Love Guaranteed," in March preceded the April release of the "Forever" album, which debuted at No. This album is hot. Hendrik and Hartman have been hit-makers on the German scene since the '70s, most recently as pro- ducers of Haddaway.

Although an American citizen, she calls Sky Pager Stockholm and Dallas home, although the majority of her time is spent in the latter city.

Previously known as the female front figure for Swedish act Rob 'n' Raz in the early '90s, McNeal was brought in as a "tem- porary" replacement for then lead figure Leila K and was prominent on the vocals of two back-to-back hit singles, "Clubhopping" and "In Command.

The second single, which bears the same name as the album, was a radio favorite and made McNeal Shall We Go Sit Outside Instead - Various - Our First Summer Apart (CDr, MP3) much a household name.

Her album is currently being released in other European territories. When asked about her award and the phenomenal success of her album, McNeal com- ments, "I feel blessed. This is a tough business, and it takes lots of hard work to succeed. You have to have a lot of faith, too, because you never know how things will go. It's a measure of the respect she commands here that when her last album, "Difficult Woman" Larrikin,failed to get radio airplay, Australian musicians banded to get her back into the spotlight.

Acclaimed writer Paul Kelly, who was moved to tears by her earlier version of his "Foggy Highway," wrote three songs and produced the new album, "Renee. The cream of local players — bluesmen to post-punkers — lined up to get involved. These minds should be at the forefront, guiding the younger executives in their bid to become successful.

Island black music senior VP Hiriam Hicks is to be com- mended for being a younger executive who has surrounded him- self witfi several old-school execs who have channeled his inspiring musical vision to fiscal reality, with such diverse suc- cesses as Dru Hill and the Isley Bros.

Although the exit of tenured professionals in many ways is an unfortunate loss at major labels, their continued contributions at an independent level create opportunities to increase the often- neglected economic base within the African-American commu- nity.

Dre's promising Aftermath. Such fresh blood is vital, espe- cially in light of the woes of Death Row, which, despite its dubi- ous reputation, provided an entrepreneurial role model for blacks eager to obtain a share of the American dream.

With the worst of the departmental downsizing apparently passed, personnef at major labels are again able to focus on doing their work rather than just keeping their jobs. On the touring front, many acts are taking to the road with greater frequency, despite the fact that there are fewer than ever venues through which developing acts can practice their performing craft with any measure of profitability.

In an effort to combat the lack of true performance venues. King and Bobby Womack, because the concept of urban adult music has been destroyed," says James Mtume, composer for the series.

Opportunities like these, however, are rare, considering the number of groups in the market. The programs mostly serve to further the star artist's career — not the musical guest's. But at the end of the day. If it's a great record, it's gonna sell, regardless. The effect seems to be the same for artists like Brandy, Jason Weaver and Ray J, soon to be joined by "In The House's" Maia Campbell and "Family Matters"' Darius McCrary, who began their careers on television first but have experienced a slow start in their recording careers.

People buy records because the album has good songs. If Brandy came out with a wack album, people would say the record is wack but still probably watch the show. Lakers player, Ervin "Magic" Johnson.

Tarkan İnci Tanem lyrics: Çaresizim mecbur bu veda / Kokun üzerimde gidiyorum uzaklara / Sığınıp. The most Shazamed tracks in Turkey this week. Featuring: Banana (DJ FLe - Minisiren Remix) - Conkarah Feat. Shaggy, Ты Мой Кайф - Джаро & Ханза, Ax Pişti Te Yar - Servet Tunç. check amazon for Inci Tanem mp3 download these lyrics are submitted by musixmatch2 browse other artists under T:T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 Songwriter(s): Philip Tarkann, Tarkan Tevetoglu Record Label(s): Istanbul Plak Ltd Official lyrics by. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of The Best Of Turkish Hits on Discogs. Label: MCA Records - • Format: Cassette Compilation, Unofficial Release • Country: Russia • Genre: Pop, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Europop. İnci Tanem. İnci Tanem. Listen Now $ In MP3 cart View MP3 Cart 8. Başına Bela Olurum Tarkan fills the world with songs that elicit smiles and shake hips. His terrific beats will make you want to dance and burst out singing even if you don't know one word of Turkish (which I don't). /5(33). Tarkan - Tarkan: New 99 - asperlifidesgrhym.imlebubooktitelcealevestfritorgot.infoinfo Music. Skip to main content. Try Prime CDs & Vinyl Go Search EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. Best Sellers Gift Ideas New Releases Whole Foods Today's Deals AmazonBasics Coupons Gift Cards Customer Service Free Shipping Shopper Toolkit Registry Sell. Tarkan İnci Tanem Şarkı Sözleri Çaresizim mecbur bu veda Kokun üzerimde gidiyorum uzaklara Sığınıp anılara bu hasrete dayanırız elbet Ümidimiz muradına erecek sabret. Sabret inci tanem bekle beni Döneceğim mutlaka sabret Ağlama ne olur vazgeçme bekle beni Döneceğim mutlaka sabret Vız gelir dağlar denizler yaban eller. Advance Cassette. Alternative Spoon. Laffitte Don't Fail Me Now. Alternative Spoon. The Agony Of Laffitte. Alternative Supdawg (Sam Friedlander, Mark Feuerstein, A Lazy Monday. Alternative Tarkan. Simarik (La Chanson Du Bisou) Alternative Tarkan. Ölürüm Sana. Alternative Tarkan. İnci Tanem Lyrics: Çaresizim mecbur bu veda / Kokun üzerimde gidiyorum uzaklara / Sığınıp anılara bu hasrete dayanırız elbet / Ümidimiz muradına erecek sabret / Sabret inci tanem bekle. Die deutsche Übersetzung von İnci Tanem und andere Tarkan Lyrics und Videos findest du kostenlos auf asperlifidesgrhym.imlebubooktitelcealevestfritorgot.infoinfo


Pierwszy Siwy Włos - Various - Piosenki Z Tamtych Lat (Vinyl, LP), Oberkörper Frei - Endstufe - Feuer Frei (CD, Album), Its Only A Paper Moon - Nat King Cole And His Trio* - After Midnight (Vinyl, LP), Kontrastprogramm (Instrulude) - Lea-Won - Trotzdem Und Gerade Deshalb (CD, Album), 16th Avenue, I Am The Postman - The Thyme Machine - Wake Up With The Thyme Machine (CD, Album), Neighbours Hell - Neophyte - The Three Amigas E.P. (Vinyl), On Repeat - Blue Herons - Blue Herons (File, MP3, Album), Lois Johnson (2) - Come On In And Let Me Love You (Vinyl), Mitternachts-Blues - Endlos Sind Die Straßen - Buona Sera

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  2. İnci Tanem Lyrics: Çaresizim mecbur bu veda / Kokun üzerimde gidiyorum uzaklara / Sığınıp anılara bu hasrete dayanırız elbet / Ümidimiz muradına erecek sabret / Sabret inci tanem bekle.
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