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All resources would have to be declared as belonging to all the worlds people. Money and all forms of trade and barter would We Have No Problem - Ainur - The Venus Project EP (File) to no longer exist. Automation along with creating everything with maximum function would have to become the norm in all practices. These are just a few examples, there are several more conditions that are required, but if all the conditions are met on a constant basis, then yes an RBE can work.

No and no. The assumptions are all wrong. The assumptions of infinite resources and no scarcity are easily defeated. There is only one of you, so you will always be scarce. There is only one original of a particular piece of art.

This will always be scarce. Time cannot be bought or sold, or magically produced by 3D printers or robots, so it will always be scarce. Then too there is the magical change in human nature where we will no longer be self interested or have any sense of self preservation. This is supposed to come to pass when scarcity is gone, yet the reason for this seems to be miss This is supposed to come to pass when scarcity is gone, yet the reason for this seems to be missing.

It depends on what you do. There is no material or technical difficulties to do that now. Human behavior can easily change to live with required values and lifestyles in the proposed economic system. If we learn, understand and explain properly this project, it will Dont You Want My Love - Debbie Jacobs - Undercover Lover (Vinyl, LP, Album), and later it will be overcome.

One Kiss At a Time - Boule Noire - Last Call. Dernier Rappel (CD, Album) In. Would the Venus Project work?

Update Cancel. With no prior experience, Kyle Dennis decided to invest in stocks. He owes his success to 1 strategy. Read More. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Continue Reading. What advice would you give these people? The Venus Project: Who makes the decisions in a resource based economy? Is poverty a necessary constant in the mechanics of a capitalist society?

Is The Venus Project something real or just a fraud? What are your criticisms of the Venus Indelible And Nocturnal - Wynton Marsalis - Standard Time Vol. 2 - Intimacy Calling (Cassette, Album For example, many Christians oppose sustainability because of a belief that Judgment Day is coming soon, or because the Bible says people should prosper.

Some Muslims consider all non-Muslims blasphemers who should be put to death. There are many more examples, sadly from most world religions including Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and many others. We need only look at modern world politics to s The obvious losers of a Venus Project-like world are the existing rich and powerful, who would lose their privilege.

By eschewing capitalism, the Venus Project is essentially proposing a communist system, where all production would be owned and controlled by the state. This has been attempted many times in history, and always ends in disaster. Eliminating money leads to a fundamental problem of resource allocation. As just one example: suppose you have two artists who want to create football-field-sized sculptures.

Jane creates art that art critics love, but offends many people. Mary creates art that delights thousands of Bolje Ikad Nego Nikad - Juraj Belković - Sreća Je Gdje Si Ti (CD, Album), but most adults find banal.

Both need land, staffs, raw materials, etc. Who exactly decides which of them Tell Me Your Plans - The Shirts - Tell Me Your Plans (Vinyl) funded? Do their staffs get assigned, or do they need to recruit volunteers?

What if others have competing proposals for the same land? Do they get to put their art in the middle of a major city, Houston, or do they get assigned space in the middle of nowhere? I actually liked Terra Nova but even though it was successful as it was making some profit as well as increasing ratings it wasn't making enough money for Fox's taste.

I agree with Cyborgjesus TVP should really be producing these things not as a big budget movie or even as a television series but more as a web series, to get more for there money. She recently fired the supposed writer she had and with Fresco will write the script from scratch. She even mentions that since she will not be paying for her or Fresco to write the script the money will simply go towards the movie somewhere else other than the script writer.

It was first to raise K to find a script writer. So how can you expect to find a script writer if you never post up ad's for finding one? So they simply want a writer whose a member of TVP. This would suggest they want a die hard member to write the script at which the possibility of not paying them would increase because of course money is bad within TVP ideological belief system in a RBE.

Goal post now is, we just fired the script writer because we didn't like what they were producing although we have no clue what the script writer even wrote, or even if the script writer even existed besides Roxanne word. Therefore Roxanne and Fresco are going to write a script themsevles free of charge, and this mind you is something I predicated would happen in a way although I had suggested someone from the outside would write in for free that is a member of TVP it just so happens Roxanne and Fresco would make this segment in my prediction come true.

The good thing of course is there not paying themsevles to work on the scripts so the money could be used for anything really and no one would have a clue.

Then Nebo Se Srušilo - Moby Dick (2) - Nostalgija (Cassette, Album) continues to lead TVPers on by saying that maybe down the line we'll have a professional script writer look into what we wrote and decide then who will write a script as well as the excess funds can be used for other things such as traveling to places to pitch the movie to other people.

Although the TVP big budget movie is far from starting up we can begin to see the lack of progress as well as very Ongoing Situation Pt.2 - Amalgam (2) - Wipe Out (Vinyl, LP, Album) what I deem as stall tactics which include goal post moving to string TVPers along.

I'm not saying my prediction if fulfilled but it seems to be going in that direction be becoming fulfilled but only time will tell. References: "Roxanne - what is the name of the script writer who is Peoples Promises (Unfulfilled Dub) working on the film - what is their specific background? Roxanne seems to be firing people and doing things as she pleases with the money yet there is ZERO accountability besides Roxanne on what that money will be spent on as that money was intended only for a professional script writers.

I don't think Fresco nor Roxanne qualify being professional script writers and I find it odd they would take the role of writing the script free of charge something I had predicted someone would do although I did not directly Roxanne and Fresco would write it themselves. Like Anticultist said all donation are none refundable and Roxanne could pretty much spend the donations on anything she really wanted to besides what she was suppose to spend the money on which is a professional write for the big budget movie.

A guy who actually works in the industry offers criticism as well as help and TVP still does not listen to him. Whatever happen to listening to the individual who has the most experience in a particular area? Doug even suggested that they start the Big Budget movie on kick starter and raise funds, get help for free or cheap, similar to what he is doing with his space command project as he wants to help developed a film that isn't dictated by a major industry.

They have supporters all over the world who would chip in. I've been to Venus, Florida to visit the project several times, and was almost eaten my an alligator.

I've seen Jacque Fresco live just once, when he was doing his tour around the world and visited Munich in Amazing man. I take it they are still trying to make a movie to showcase their vision of a possible future? It just makes sense to make there movie on the internet where it could potentially be seen by more and even the TZm linguistic team would translate all that stuff free of charge rather than making a big budget multimillion dollar movie.

As my prediction hasn't totally happen as I was accurate that no money would be given to a script writer as the script writer whoever it may be Fresco and Roxanne would do it for free the other half of the prediction would be they must take the money Što Sam Mali - Braća Geljići - Braća Geljići (Cassette, Album) spend it on thing others than a script writer.

The big budget movie is still fresh and only time will tell before we can see if the prediction will be accurate or not. I'd like to note that even if they do find a individual to rework the scripts they write I doubt they will pay this individual or pay him a low amount and not the full K; If this were to be a accurate statement this does not make my prediction inaccurate at all, matter in fact it still be falling in line with my prediction I stated above.

You make two good points above: "I don't think Fresco nor Roxanne qualify being professional script writers and I find it odd they would take the role of writing the script free of charge" Indeed they don't and this leads me to believe that this was likely the plan or fall back plan they had in mind anyway. It is well known that Fresco and Meadows are not team players, and they are what I would term hypocritical control freaks who don't follow the advice they dish out for others to follow.

So them taking over the role and likely making an absolute amateur comedy with the task should be expected. Whilst taking all those lovely dollars and using them for their own gains. I mean in their world one should listen to the knowledgeable facts that are given by science, dished out by a computer. They also throw the direct opposite to cover their asses in such situations, where they claim that appeals to authority or academics is not an acceptable behaviour in their society.

They will also claim that they alone are the experts on making movies about the Venus Project so why should they listen to anyone else on the topic. This in itself negates the point of making a script writer work for them in the first place, showing the whole thing to be a money making scheme. I believe I first had a problem with the big budget movie because I could not find any job AD's of TVP looking for a script writer for it's big budget movie.

If they were actually serious about looking they would be posting up ad's on websites other than the TVP websiteactively looking for script writers but there not. Roxanne in few words admitted they were not advertising for script writers and kind of blew the question off like it wasn't that big of a deal she wasn't putting out job ad's for script writers.

How else does one advertise for a job without posting up jobs? How can a person take this TVP big budget movie seriously if there are not job ad's being posted looking for a writer.

Not that I'm saying looking for a writer by posting up AD's will prove the big budget movie is being worked on as Roxanne could simply post AD's up and not get back to the callers. Not that I'm surprised that TVP would do this but even when they have the support to do the right thing they continually do the wrong things.

Like TZm there not out to help society they are there to stuff there pockets with the sweet money earned by people who work HARD for a living with a real job. It just disgusts me that Fresco and Roxanne can defend what there doing and TVPers could still believe in this stuff.

TZM and TVPers are not looking for the best abd brightst of society there attracting the most gullible, fringe believing, uneducated individuals of society, at that TZM is forming a conspiratorial religion around there ideology.

Where Roxanne admits that TVP did not advertise for a script writer on any place on record July 1, Like a good studio will ever pick this up. They'll be lucky if it even gets made and screened at an art house there. Assuming it even gets written, which it probably won't. Too bad because I'm out of scrap paper.

A fool and his money are easily parted. Quote from Evil Elvis wait, all fresco does all his life is write nonsense and now they want to pay another writer to write nonsense for the movie. Apparently Roxanne claims to have 40 to 50 percent of the script written already. I don't believe it until I see it, talk about stringing people a long. Why don't they release this script out to the public at least to 40 to 50 percent of the script that's done?

Also what is happening to the K now? My guess is the K will be going in there back pockets. Decided to put a follow up on this.

Simply mind blowing how much they have made Roxanne responds to this topic indirectly. Here is what they had to say. Jacque and Roxanne, are writing the first draft ourselves. At this point it is a little over half completed. We are not taking any money from the donations and have no intention of doing so. So all we have is her word that she's not taking donations I'm sorry that's not good enough when your dealing with this amount of money. I had no clue the donations were still open.

After over a year of seeking and working with many script writers, professional and otherwise, we were unable to We Have No Problem - Ainur - The Venus Project EP (File) anyone with the sophistication and understanding of this subject who we felt could do a sufficient job. What are the script writers names? I predicted Roxanne would do this when looking for a script writer when i said "Why Roxanne would move the goal post when looking for a script writer is pretty obvious because simply she's not looking or she's looking for someone to do it for free aka the old bate and switch.

One of them was not paid out of the non-profit donations, but rather by Jacque and Roxanne personally. The other, a professional scriptwriter, required a down payment and was paid from the non-profit funds. However, after presenting a portion of his script, it was clear that it was not adequate to meet the needs of The Venus Project. So Rebelyouthwithskill - Pattie Blingh And The Akebulan 5 - Sagala (CD) take your word for it?

Supervision - Saafi Brothers - Mystic Cigarettes (CD, Album) about no. First of all where the hell were you advertising for script writers? To my understanding there There were no advertising for script writers and Roxanne even admit this. Why wouldn't We Have No Problem - Ainur - The Venus Project EP (File) allow your own community to write a script? At that as far as the two script writers hired, one of the script writers Roxanne claimed to of hired has a PHD but didn't know they hired another one.

Why wouldn't you tell the community what your doing? This is information people need to know when there is hundreds of thousands of dollars involved now. Why can't The TVP community take a look at what the two script writers produced? Just two script writers when you had a a few months to find someone you could only come up with two? Reference: Roxanne admits to not adverting for script writers. Way to to continue to string people along still. This leaves us with more money to further this project by contracting a company to produce a budget for the script or anything else that may be needed to further interest and participation in the film to get it accomplished.

The money is suppose to be used for a script writer My end thought on this is that I'm starting to understand why TVP doesn't use kickstarter to raise funds as it would require TVP to be accountable to the backers of this project by showing there work.

Why not show what there doing for the big budget movie? Why keep people in the dark? Well of course the reason is because there going to continue to make money off there donators to fund there Utopian lifestyle.

I predict they will always be in some type of mode and have some type of problem in that no content for the big budget movie will be produced besides TVP screaming for more money so they can start producing things.

Eventually the gig will be up, and people will come to a realization that the movie will never be Bordering - The Draft (2) - In A Million Pieces (Vinyl, LP, Album). By this time TVP will be using the money for personal things like paying off utilities, or gas.

However Going Down - Cosmic Psychos - Down On The Farm & Cosmic Psychos (CD) may take a small percentage of the funds made to produce a low budget webseries coming to a conclusion that they need to string there followers along some more among other ways to but will continue to always be raising money for the Big budget movie that will never be made.

The Venus Project would like to give an update on the script. To date only 2 people have been paid for their attempts on this script. At that point we felt it was urgent to get the script done so we, Jacque and Roxanne, are writing the first draft ourselves. At some point we may need a writer to polish the script and we are open to that if necessary. Again we would like to thank everyone who has helped with this.

We deeply appreciate it. Our aim is to develop a serious major motion picture depicting life in a resource based economy. This film would be designed to reach the general public throughout the world to introduce an exciting, sustainable new social direction, depicting a vision of what our future can be if we intelligently apply science and technology with environmental and human concern.

A future where war, poverty and hunger could be but a distant memory. Today we face very trying times where economies and countries are teetering on the brink of chaos. Our resources are being depleted through waste and irresponsible management. Technology is displacing jobs that are not coming back.

Most of our energy needs are obtained through methods which are destructive to the environment and ourselves through the plundering of finite resources which are being consumed at an alarming rate. Existing social institutions are not taking the consequences of this same course of action seriously. These and many more problems will be culminating in the near future and we are not prepared to deal with what is coming.

This film will offer a possible alternative to this global dilemma. It will be an awakening to many and could point a positive direction to work toward. It portrays in detail a global civilization, which secures, protects, and encourages a more humane world for all people - something we have not been able to do throughout history - where all of the world's resources become the common heritage of all of the earth's people.

This does not presume to imply a utopian civilization but one that is always in the process of modification and change; an emergent society where our technology is used to benefit the lives of all. The film would provide a vision of a peaceful society in which all human beings work toward a global family on planet Earth. A civilization in which all people are engaged in the pursuit of a better understanding of themselves and the world they share.

Future By Design is an officially recognized c-3 not-for-profit organization; donations to Future By Design are tax deductible. Script and artist direction are to be formulated by Future By Design. Donations do not provide influence with production, script, or filming decisions. Thank you for your continued support.

More updates on TVP Big budget movie. She looked like a deer caught in the headlights, she used "ummm" a lot along with pauses to formulate the next sentences. There was a lot of hesitation to really go into detail but from what was said in short she said there hasn't been much work on script writing in months do to Fresco's getting injured.

She then goes into that they went through something of around 15 to 20 script writers, and then decided to take on the script writing themsevles. TVP has been putting announcement out for script writers. The problem with this however is that isn't what TVP had been telling people matter in fact on July 1, audio recording Roxanne had said she was not putting out any advertising and at that she hired a writer then fired the script writer on August 12 as it wasn't good enough, they also hired anothe script writer but apparently that was not good enough as well.

So if you don't advertise for script writers and are only telling about the script writer position in these audio seminars how the hell do you claim to of had 15 to 20 individuals who were script writers for the big budget movie I mean seriously you continue to string these people along Are you seriously considering having none U. I means seriously, use your head Roxanne your wise to stop talking about the movie now as you keep digging a pretty deep hole for yourself each time you do, I predict you'll stop talking about the movie altogether eventually.

I had on numerous occasions before I was in bad standing with TVP for writing this topic contacted Roxanne about the TVP big budget movie script writing though I did not want to write the script, I did want to see if I could contact a few people who may be interested in helping out as I generally think there is a market, as well as room for this type of a genre Mission Infinite - Encore - Baby Pictures (CDr) people would be interested in.

In the numerous times I tried to contact Roxanne she did not return 1 e-mail about my interest in the big budget movie, I also received a e-mail from a individual who claims not one person had a interest in helping TVP big budget movie within TVP as based on what Andrew Buxton had said. So again how in the hell does she claim to have script writers before Fresco and Roxanne decided to write it themsevles? Show your members proof that script writers wrote scripts by showing there scripts to the public.

My baloney radar just had a stroke and died from the amount of BS said. As I keep saying TVP will get away with this because members deem money is bad. I will continue to sit back and enjoy the popcorn in the meantime.

They decided to take on the script writing themsevles, the movie is on hold because Fresco got into a accident and He needed attention. What they thought they were paying for: What it was really spent on: Any questions? In TVP facebook group on behalf of Roxanne Vixie fills everybody in nearly a month and a half later as to what's going on with the script and even more excuses as to why the script is not done yet.

Why couldn't you finish the last half of the script off within a year So scammy My prediction is still pretty much dead on. Having found that none of the profesionals they tried captured correctly the ideas of TVP, Roxanne is writing it herself with Jacque advising her.

When it's finished they will give the script to a pro to polish and then take to studios that could be interested in producing it. Unfortunately Roxanne doesn't have as much time as she would like to dedicate to it because as well as all the other things she is doing for TVP, since Jacque's accident she has to look after him a lot more too. Just as real life takes volunteers away from doing more stuff for TVP, so Jacque and Roxanne face the same difficulties. We can't leave it all up to just two people RBE hugs.

I get the feeling they know Jacque is ill and won't survive very long, so she is holding back on spending money so when it comes time to fold the business and sell off the assets she has plenty to fall back on.

Just saying. Sounds like a nice prediction. Most likely they would be watered down and thinned out to such an extent that the changes would be indistinguishable. The Venus Project advocates an alternative vision for a sustainable new world civilization unlike any social system that has gone before. Although this description is highly condensed, it is based upon years of study and experimental research by many, many people from many scientific disciplines.

The Venus Project proposes a fresh approach--one that is dedicated to human and environmental concerns. It is an attainable vision of a bright and better future, one that is appropriate to the times in which we live, and both practical and feasible for a positive future for all the world's people. The Venus Project calls for a straightforward approach to the redesign of a culture, in which the age-old inadequacies of war, poverty, hunger, debt, environmental degradation and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable, but totally unacceptable.

One of the basic premises of The Venus Project is that we work towards having all of the Earth's resources as the common heritage of all the world's people.

Anything less will simply result in a continuation of the same catalog of problems inherent in the present system. Throughout history, change has been slow.

Successive groups of incompetent leaders have replaced those that preceded them, but the underlying social and economic problems remain because the basic value systems have gone unaltered. The problems we are faced with today cannot be solved politically or financially because they are highly technical in nature.

There may not even be enough money available to pay for the required changes, but there are more than enough resources. This is why The Venus Project advocates the transition from a monetary-based society to the eventual realization of a resource-based global economy. We realize to make the transition from our present culture, which is politically incompetent, scarcity-oriented and obsolete, to this new, more humane society will require a quantum leap in both thought and action.

The money-based system evolved centuries ago. All of the world's economic systems - socialism, communism, fascism, and even the vaunted free enterprise system - perpetuate social stratification, elitism, nationalism, and racism, primarily based on economic disparity. As long as a social system uses money or barter, people and nations will seek to maintain the economic competitive edge or, if they cannot do so by means of commerce they will by military intervention.

We still utilize these same outmoded methods. Our current monetary system is not capable of providing a high standard of living for everyone, nor can it ensure the protection of the environment because the major motive is profit.

Strategies such as downsizing and toxic dumping increase the profit margin. With the advent of automation, cybernation, artificial intelligence and out sourcing, there will be an ever-increasing replacement of people by machines. As a result, fewer people will be able to purchase goods and services even though our capability to produce an abundance will continue to exist.

Our present, outmoded political and economic systems are unable to apply the real benefits of today's innovative technology to achieve the greatest good for all people, and to overcome the inequities imposed upon so many. Our technology is racing forward yet our social designs have remained relatively static. In other words cultural change has not kept pace with technological change. We now have the means to produce goods and services in abundance for everyone.

Unfortunately, today science and technology have been diverted from achieving the greatest good for reasons of self-interest and monetary gain through planned obsolescence sometimes referred to as the conscious withdrawal of efficiency. For example, the U. Department of Agriculture, whose function is presumed to be conducting research into ways of achieving higher crop yields per acre, actually pays farmers not to produce at full-capacity.

The monetary system tends to hold back the application of these methods that we know would best serve the interests of people and the environment. In a monetary system purchasing power is not related to our capacity to produce goods and services. For example, during a depression, there are computers and DVD's on store shelves and automobiles in car lots, but most people do not have the purchasing power to buy them.

The earth is Houston the same place; it is just the rules of the game that are obsolete and create strife, deprivation and unnecessary human suffering. A monetary system developed years ago as a device to control human behavior in an environment with limited resources.

Today money is used to regulate the economy not for the benefit of the general populace, but for those who control the financial wealth of nations. All social systems, regardless of political philosophy, religious beliefs, or social customs, ultimately depend upon natural resources, i. Simply stated, a Resource-Based Economy utilizes existing resources rather than money and provides an equitable method of distributing these resources in the most efficient manner for the entire population.

It is a system in which all goods and services are available without the use of money, credits, barter, or any other form of debt or servitude. Earth is abundant with plentiful resources; today our practice of rationing resources through monetary methods is irrelevant and counter productive to our survival. Modern society has access to highly advanced technologies and can make available food, clothing, housing, medical care, a relevant educational system, and develop a limitless supply of renewable, non-contaminating energy such as geothermal, solar, wind, tidal, etc.

Mar 24,  · Also see: Jacque Fresco: Paradise or Oblivion, Michael Tellinger – UBUNTU- A World Without Money, and If There Was No Such Thing As Money. From the Venus Project: Part I of this three-part documentary series explores the determinants of behavior to dispel the myth of “human nature” demonstrating that environment shapes behavior. The Venus Project – Pros and Cons This essay is about The Venus Project (TVP) in Venus, Florida. It was founded in by Jacque Fresco and his associate Roxanne Meadows. Consisting of 1, acres in south-central Florida, the Venus Project includes a acre Research Center, documentaries and a major motion picture, and an experimental. Short Description: The Venus Project is an organization that proposes a feasible plan of action for social change, one that works towards a peaceful and sustainable global civilization. It outlines an alternative to strive toward where human rights are no longer paper proclamations but a way of life. We propose a fresh, holistic approach – one that is dedicated to human and environmental. Oct 24,  · The Venus Project is an organization that proposes a feasible plan of action for social change, one that works towards a peaceful and sustainable global civilization. It outlines an alternative to strive toward where human rights are no longer paper proclamations but a way of life. Very briefly, The Venus Project is an organization that proposes a feasible plan of action for social change; a holistic global socio-economic system called a Resource Based Economy that works toward a peaceful and sustainable global civilization. It outlines an alternative to strive toward where human rights are not only paper proclamations, but also a way of life. The Venus Project is a solo side project by Georgia Nott from New Zealand brother-sister duo Broods. When Georgia began contemplating a solo side project she found herself highly. Jul 07,  · The quotations are from their website page specifically answering, “What is the Venus Project?” Found here: [About | The Venus Project] > What is the Venus Project? The Venus Project is an organization that proposes a feasible plan of action for s. Jan 23,  · THANK YOU! We have reached our initial goal of $, to hire a scriptwriter among other things related to the film for The Venus Project's major motion picture. We even went over that amount by about $13, thanks to a recent larger donation. The Venus Project - Global, Venus, Florida. , likes · 1, talking about this · 2, were here. Beyond Politics, Poverty and War. The Venus Project offers a comprehensive plan for social reclamation in which human beings, technology and nature will be able to coexist in a long term, sustainable state .


Pain Lasts Forever - Skadi (2) - Vergangenheit Und Gegenwart (File, MP3), Running In The Rain - New Model Army - Vengeance / The Independent Story (CD), Deny - Naysayer - Nation of Greed E.P. (TIHC 2016 Alternate Band Cover) (Vinyl), Hunter And The Hunted - Simple Minds - New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) (Cassette, Album), Bu Sabah Yağmur Var İstanbulda - MFÖ - Ele Güne Karşı Yapayalnız (Cassette, Album), Не жалей! - Федя Карманов И Анатолий Полотно - Не Жалей (CD, Album), Odotan Sua - Johnny & The New Dodgers - Johnny And The New Dodgers (Vinyl, LP, Album), Ahh Yeah - Marco Restivo - Sound Ways (CD), Christmas In The Jungle - Catch Release - Asleep Is A Friend Of Mine (CD), Dance On - Petula Clark - Call Me.Petula Clark (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  1. I have been working at The Venus Project part-time for more than a year. Pros. The first and foremost reason to contribute and participate in TVP is because we are building a bigger and brighter civilization for all of humanity to thrive in with equality for every man, women and child/5(2).
  2. The Venus Project is an organization that proposes a feasible plan of action for social change, one that works towards a peaceful and sustainable global civilization. It outlines an alternative to strive toward where human rights are no longer paper proclamations, but a way of life.
  3. There have been orbiters and flyby missions, but no more landers as of yet. NASA did obtain additional data in with the Pioneer Venus project that consisted of two separate missions: the Pioneer Venus Orbiter and the Pioneer Venus Multiprobe. The European Space Agency’s Venus Express orbited Venus and studied its atmosphere from
  4. Mar 02,  · Very briefly, The Venus Project is an organization that proposes a feasible plan of action for social change, a holistic global socio-economic system called a Resource Based Economy; that works toward a peaceful and sustainable global civilization.
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    Jun 13, - Explore jessound's board "venus project" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Planets, Venus, Solar system pins.
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    The Venus Project is arts, sciences and educational, non-profit (c)(3), Tune in to this fabulous local solution, a template all cities can apply to help protect us from the dangerous NDAA. I just learned about a fantastic local solution to a big national problem that we have here in America, which I’m excited to share with you.
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    Jul 09,  · The Venus Project - Global, Venus, Florida. , likes · 1, talking about this · 2, were here. Beyond Politics, Poverty and War.
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    Short Description: The Venus Project is an organization that proposes a feasible plan of action for social change, one that works towards a peaceful and sustainable global civilization. It outlines an alternative to strive toward where human rights are no longer paper proclamations but a way of life. We propose a fresh, holistic approach – one that is dedicated to human and environmental.
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    Apr 19,  · Episode 90 – The Venus Project. I was blown away when I first learned about The Venus Project five years ago through a video on You Tube.. It’s creator, Jacque Fresco, had thought of everything needed for building and maintaining a society that .

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